Monday, December 5th 2011

Transcend Announces StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable HDD

Transcend announced the launch of its new StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable Drive. Featuring small dimensions, long-lasting battery, and capacity of up to 64GB, the portable StoreJet Cloud significantly extends the storage space available on Apple iOS and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Photos, documents, eBooks, music, and movies are accessed via a dedicated wireless network, providing much-needed freedom from cables.

StoreJet Cloud offers support to the capacity limitations of mobile devices and presents an excellent value alternative to the ongoing expense and coverage demands of Internet storage. By physically storing media with flash-based technology, StoreJet Cloud can provide a further 28 hours of DVD quality movies or 16,000 songs in a small and lightweight design, as well as skip-free playback in an instant. When connected to a computer, StoreJet Cloud acts like any other portable drive. Simply drag and drop files from the computer into personalized folders for straightforward file management.
Personal Media Sharing
Catering to the diverse needs of many different users, StoreJet Cloud allows up to 5 devices to stream various media at the same time, making it easier than ever to share files with friends and family. Its rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides plenty of entertainment with up to six hours of continuous playback on a single charge. With support for a wide range of popular file types, StoreJet Cloud removes time spent converting files to compatible iOS formats. Use from a pocket or purse, in the car, or around the house, StoreJet Cloud is the ideal companion device for any situation.

Special iOS App
The StoreJet Cloud App, an all-in-one media player for use with iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod, automatically lists portable drive contents for quick file navigation with several playback modes available. The App offers users the ability to multitask by bridging a connection between StoreJet Cloud and an external Wi-Fi access point simultaneously. Function menus to wirelessly transfer, delete, or email files are also available from within the App in addition to enabling security settings and upgrading firmware. Accessing media on StoreJet Cloud is extended to other tablet and smart phone users by the use of a web browser.

Transcend's new StoreJet Cloud is currently available in two capacities: 32GB (US$169 MSRP); 64GB (US$299 MSRP), and backed by Transcend's two-year limited warranty.
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5 Comments on Transcend Announces StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable HDD

its costly .. and what will be its data transfer speed ?? who will buy it in presence of usb 3.0
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its costly .. and what will be its data transfer speed ?? who will buy it in presence of usb 3.0
try hooking any external storage of any kind to an iphone. this is designed for mobile users, not desktop PC users.
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I can see practical uses for this, especially since it's flash based and not mechanical it can be in operation safely while you're on say...a bus. It's not something for me, but it's definitely not something made just to "prove" they can.

Apart from that I own a few Transcend stuff and I can tell you their flash based storage is quite impressive and reliable.
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"significantly extends the storage space available on Apple iOS and other Wi-Fi enabled devices"

Other devices have removable storage, at 1/5 the price.
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Portable wireless

300$, USB 2 really! Do you have swamp land for sale to? :laugh:
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