Tuesday, December 20th 2011

AMD's Own HD 7970 Performance Expectations?

Ahead of every major GPU launch, both NVIDIA and AMD give out a document to reviewers known as Reviewer's Guide, in which both provide guidelines (suggestions, not instructions), to reviewers to ensure new GPUs are given a fair testing. In such documents, the two often also give out their own performance expectations from the GPUs they're launching, in which they compare the new GPUs to either previous-generation GPUs from their own brand, or from the competitors'. Apparently such a performance comparison between the upcoming Radeon HD 7970 and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580, probably part of such a document, got leaked to the internet, which 3DCenter.org re-posted. The first picture below, is a blurry screenshot of a graph in which the two GPUs are compared along a variety of tests, at a resolution of 2560 x 1600. A Tweakers.net community member recreated that graph in Excel, using that data (second picture below).

A couple of things here are worth noting. Reviewer guide performance numbers are almost always exaggerated, so if reviewers get performance results lower than 'normal', they find it abnormal, and re-test. It's an established practice both GPUs vendors follow. Next, AMD Radeon GPUs are traditionally good at 2560 x 1600. For that matter, the performance gap between even the Radeon HD 6970 and GeForce GTX 580 narrows a bit at that resolution.

Source: 3DCenter.org
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Solaris17 said:
This graph looks hardcore faked.

First. Why is it blurry? The Picture does not indicate that it was taken by a camera. No lines or glass or splotches.

Second. The lettering looks tampered with. It could be that someone attempted to blur it on purpose. But why in such a way? Their are far easier ways to blur a photo. Not to mention the graphs look doubled.

Third. The areas around the lettering. They look brighter white to me. Why? If a photo was blurred this should not be the case.

Someone said that this graph looks accurate according to rumors. But thats assuming the graph is legitimate. The graph could too easily and IMO probably is fake. Theirfor of course it would represent the current performance rumors.
It's not a fake. It's from AMD's review guide (as in the link below):


And all slides as well.

Links originally supplied by -The_Mask- over at B3D forum.
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