Monday, January 2nd 2012

BitFenix Rolls Out USB 3.0-equipped 35-in-1 Card Reader

While probably waiting for CES 2012 to unveil some high profile products, BitFenix has still kicked off the year with a little bang by beginning shipments of its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Reader. Pictured below, this reader fits into a 3.5-inch bay, has a brushed aluminum bezel, offers support for no less than 35 types of memory cards (from Memory Stick to MMC, SD, CF, and all their variations), and includes one USB 3.0 port that connects to a motherboard's internal header.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Reader is available for purchase @ Caseking and costs 23.90 Euro.
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4 Comments on BitFenix Rolls Out USB 3.0-equipped 35-in-1 Card Reader

Pro Indian Modder
i didnt even know tehre were 35 different cards
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There aren't as such, but there are a lot of sub-categories of each type of card, just take Sony's MemoryStick as an example where there are something like 10-15 sub types.
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I think the important questions are

1. What chipset is used in that card reader?
2. Is it compatible with NEC, Asmedia and Etron USB 3.0 Chipsets?
3. What is the performance of the unit?

Once that is known then I may purchase one.
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I wish they didn't have all those connectors. They need to just make a Serious Photographer one, we only use CF(High End DSLR), SD(Budget DSLR) and 2x USB 3.0 It always looks to crowded.
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