Monday, January 9th 2012

Verbatim Announces the Store 'n' Go Micro USB Drive Plus

Verbatim, the global leader in data storage technology including portable hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards, announces its new Store 'n' Go Micro USB Drive Plus, a rugged portable solution perfect for storing music, videos, school projects or photos that conveniently clips onto key chains, binders, notebooks and more.

"The new Micro USB Drive Plus is an eye-popping way of carrying files while on the go," said Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager, Flash Memory Products. "Whether you are a student, businessman, photographer or road warrior, Verbatim's Micro USB Drive Plus is the perfect USB for you - just clip it on your key ring and carry your files with you."

Available in several storage capacities, from 4 GB - 32 GB, this sleek and small USB drive is compatible with all USB ports, allowing Verbatim to offer its premier storage solutions to both Mac and PC users. The ultra-compact Micro USB Drive Plus features a USB 2.0 interface with a USB connector protected by a flexible cover built to withstand rough handling and comes in multiple color options.

Product Features and Specifications

- Ruggedized SIP (System in Package) Design, encapsulates and protects electronic components from water, dust, and debris.
- Flexible Protective Cover, shields USB connector and withstands rough handling in stride
- Large carrying ring for easy attachment to key-rings, carabiners, notebook binders or day planners
- 4 GB - 32 GB Capacities
- Available in a variety of trendy colors

Verbatim's Micro USB Drive Plus is fully backed by Verbatim's Limited Lifetime Warranty and will be available this Q1 starting from $19.99.
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3 Comments on Verbatim Announces the Store 'n' Go Micro USB Drive Plus

That's really slick, I like it.
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I got a couple of Store 'n' Go Micros I bought a year ago or so.
Looks like the only difference to the plus version is the rubber flap and a larger hole for keyring mounting?

I want USB3.0 support.
Pretty please?
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Dang, you're right. I didn't read the whole thing and just assumed it was USB 3.0 since it's new lol. Guess I'll pass.
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