Tuesday, January 17th 2012

AMD's Ultrabook-Equivalent Platform Up To 20% Cheaper

While many might think that "Ultrabook" is a generic term for a new performance ultra-portable notebook form-factor, it is a registered trademark of Intel, which governs the specifications of what qualifies to be an Ultrabook. Intel will launch a well-defined Ultrabook platform based on its third-generation Core processor family, codenamed "Ivy Bridge", later this year. Meanwhile, AMD is finalizing a performance ultra-portable specification of its own, powered by its next-generation "Trinity" accelerated processing units (APUs), which it will call "Ultrathin".

Ultrathin will be designed to offer competitive CPU performance to Ultrabook, and superior GPU performance to it, at target prices 10-20 percent lower than Ultrabook. In 2012, while Intel bagged about 75 design wins for its Ultrabook platform, AMD claims to have already won 20. AMD's Ultrathin platform will have advantages over Intel's Ultrabook with regards to platform and component costs. The average AMD Ultrathin with $100~$200 cheaper than the average Intel Ultrabook. Some notebook vendors are concerned that a competitive platform to Intel Ultrabook could result in a price-war between the two platforms, and end up reducing the prices of the now profitable-looking performance ultraportable segment.
Source: DigiTimes
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Not right now, but in the future I would guess so.
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Shihabyooo said:
More important than tablets IMO. Might even replace netbooks at some point. Assuming AMD's move drops the prices considerably.
It's not hard to be more important than Tablets. I think these AMD systems are great, just thought claiming Ultrabooks were the important market was a little questionable. I am hoping the performance of Laptops starts to come up in the next 2-3 years. I want to see Laptops that can accomplish more than playing 3-5 year old games and watching movies.
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btarunr said:
AMD's Ultrathin platform will have advantages over Intel's Ultrathin with regards to platform and component costs
Is it me or is there a small mistake in this sentence?

When i first read it (the day it was posted), i didn't notice, heh!
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Pro Indian Modder
imitation said:
Nice! While AMD's CPUs can't keep up to Intel's high-end offerings, it's always good to have a choice in the segment where it really matters.
In the end, competition is the best thing that the consumer could wish for, and AMD's been doing a decent job of keeping the pressure up.
cant tell if trolling or really stupid.
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where the hell are my stars
de.das.dude said:
cant tell if trolling or really stupid.
Probably both I am just excited we can get an ultrabook thats not got some shitty intel GMA crap. Hopefully they will be cooled well enough to pull of 2.4-2.8ghz like the larger units.
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