Wednesday, January 18th 2012

Matrox to License Proprietary Source Code of M-Series Solutions

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced today that the source code of its M-Series drivers will be made available to approved OEM developers seeking to leverage their high level of expertise and development capacity.

Those interested in collaborating with Matrox and developing M-Series driver source code to better meet their specific requirements can contact Matrox. Developers authorized under specific license agreements can then gain access to various tools and resources, including the appropriate Matrox programmer's guide, register specifications, as well as consultation on suggested engineering and related devices to be used during the design process.
M-Series solutions offer an array of multi-display desktop-management features and render pristine images across multiple monitors boasting resolutions of up to 8MP. Meanwhile, the capability to combine multiple cards together in a single system can yield a multitude of configurations. Setting the bar in terms of versatility, quality, and long life cycles in such mission-critical environments as avionics, military, transportation, process control, and governmental sectors, M-Series' already impressive level of functionality is primed for expansion in those and countless other markets.

The display drivers to Matrox's highly successful G450, G450 Low Profile and G450 PCI graphics cards already possess open-source status for Linux 32 and 64-bit operating systems. Matrox is confident this latest bid to reach out to M-Series customers and potential business partners alike will prove to be just as mutually beneficial moving forward.
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4 Comments on Matrox to License Proprietary Source Code of M-Series Solutions

Matrox is still around?

Its been awhile since they were kings of video cards with their Millennium series. Anyone remember the old Matrox Mystique cards? First-gen 3D cards made for a pretty exciting time.
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MikeMurphy said:
Matrox is still around?
I was thinking the same thing. At first the name only reminded me of Maxtor, but then I remembered that old school company was still kicking around xD
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
They're still pretty big in certain stuff I think. They have a card with 8 video outputs at 2560 x 1600. Show me a single AMD/Nvidia card that does that. And they have some remote viewing stuff as well.
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oh yeah they are still kicking , they simply steeped down from gaming card and went unprofessional card only after like the g450...

they have huge office here in Montreal. and its always full of cars :P
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