Wednesday, January 25th 2012

Upcoming Alienware Laptop Updates Rumored

According to (a site known for accurate tips on future Dell products), a trio of updated Alienware laptops are currently in plan, the M14x R2 (14-inch), M17x R4 (17.3-inch) and M18x R2 (18.4-inch).

There's not much info on the M18x R2 except for the fact that it will be available in both red and black, while the M14x R2 is said to come with the same colors and have 1 GB and 2 GB graphics options.

The M17x R4 is claimed to feature at least three new GPU choices, including the yet-unannounced AMD Radeon HD 7970M, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M and GTX 675M. All three laptops should also adopt Intel's upcoming 22 nm processors (Ivy Bridge). No word on when they'll be released.
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10 Comments on Upcoming Alienware Laptop Updates Rumored

wow that will be monster
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a monster with the monsterprice... hd 7970M won't be a thaiti GPU anyway.
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I will wait for the new M11x.
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Dang!:rockout: I just don't see how they keep these cool, but I guess these aren't as powerful as their counterparts.
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This should be close to correct.

Same as a quote for several hundred units (custom order) 15" (non glare) Asus ROG laptops except with decent mouse pad buttons and custom speakers that sounds normal, not like 2 cans on a string "normal Asus laptop speakers".

At time of quote there was no decent delivery date on the Nvidia mobile 6**m cards.

O well, will wait and see who can deliver what when.
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*looks into crystal ball*

I foresee that these will be massively overpriced for the specs.
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That is fantast... oh wait, that is right, it is a Dell, never mind.
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Sir B. Fannybottom
If they can make the M18X under 3K now that would be a amazing portable gaming rig!
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I think ill stay with my laptop... only payed $750 for it :D
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where the hell are my stars
I will wait for the new M11x.
I would hope someone releases an 11.6" with a Brazos quad core and discrete 6650-6770 that would be a hell of an 11.6" I could see the Dell version being blah with a good CPU and some blah NV GT540 or similar.
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