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10-core Ivy Bridge-EP Sample Tested

The Ivy Bridge LGA1155 processors inbound for April are mom and pop PC chips in front of the monstrosities Intel has planned for the enterprise (and possibly high-end desktop/HEDT) markets, based on the architecture. An 10-core Ivy Bridge-EP engineering sample, made it to the right hands in Taiwan (wrong hands for Intel), that wasted no time in putting them through some tests.

The 10-core Ivy Bridge-EP/EX chip (LGA2011, 2P-capable) features 10 next-generation cores clocked at 2.80 GHz, with 256 KB L2 cache per core, 30 MB shared L3 cache, and HyperThreading technology that enables 20 logical CPUs. This chip crunched WPrime 1024M in 158.5 seconds, and scores 41.78X relative speed in Fritz chess when just 8 of its 20 threads are put to use. You can also find some pretty screen shots of CPU-Z with its long processor selection list and Windows 8 task manager.
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Wow 20 threads - hi-def video conversion won't be so tedious anymore...
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I can haz 10-core process0rz? :D
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I wanna see how handbrake uses it :D
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for facebook will be just enough :D
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LagunaXWow 20 threads - hi-def video conversion won't be so tedious anymore...
for video encoding (as well as for mysql servers) intel hyperthreading is useless
it only make sense to use 10 threads for encoding x264 on 10 core intel cpu
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Need this to browse TPU for sure
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
I think this might take the TOP500 by storm. :eek:
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And where are the software for such CPUs ? It's 4uckin 2012 and still most applications are single threaded. :@
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Wait, a 10-core Ivy Bridge CPU on 1155?!
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30mb of cache - damn what a behemoth
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Cool. Now I can run 20 Spider solitaires at the same time. 30MB of cache. Damn, that's a lot. I'm still doing ok with 10% of that. :laugh:
TrackrWait, a 10-core Ivy Bridge CPU on 1155?!
No. Read the goddamn article. :slap:
Ivy Bridge goes into socket 1155, Ivy Bridge-EP goes into socket 2011.
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6 years of quad core!

Does no one else think we have been stuck at quad core for far too long, in the normal priced mid-range i mean.

The first Intel quad core came out in 2006 and 2012 and we are still been given quad cores!

I am sure the very early rumors about IB was that it will be 8 core at the upper end of the mid-range.

I would buy X79 when the cheaper quad core comes out so i can get a 8 core IB in a year or so but i want Quicksync for encoding so have to buy 1155.
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Thing is, new quad cores are cheaper to make, little faster than previous models and price in the segment is the same. That 10 core Ivy cost intel to produce same as q6600. They been making more and more money with every new generation, especially intel. The other thing is AMD not being able to push highend as they should because of bad management and leaving all those brilliant engineers that made them competitive back in the days... I just hope that pilldriver will be success, or we are stuck with intel dictatorship...
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Editor & Senior Moderator
TrackrWait, a 10-core Ivy Bridge CPU on 1155?!
LGA2011. Just added that to the post. Sorry about that.
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I am not holding my breath for Pilldriver, current projections are about 10-15% over BD so still not close to SB let alone IB.

I think the best chance of challeging Intel in the next few years would be a many cores approach from an ARM arch cpu, maybe nVidia Denver? Also China are making massive head way with RISC cpus. Last and the most unlikely is IBM coming back with PowerPC.

The only reason everything except x86 (i.e. Intel and AMD) failed was because Windows didn't support them, now Windows is looking much more open and ready to welcome different arch then the real CPU fight begin.
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Pro Indian Modder
behold a CPU that will cost more than your car.
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This is a FAKE.
CPUID values reported are of SNB-EP and not the IVB-EP family.
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FinalWire / AIDA64 Developer
So many things are wrong on those screen shots. It is either a fake CPU, or the screen shots have been altered. For example, Ivy Bridge-EP/EX won't have a CPUID revision of 206Dx, so the Ext Model cannot be 2D. Hence the "2D" and the codename in CPU-Z simply doesn't match.
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_JP_Cool. Now I can run 20 Spider solitaires at the same time.
You can do that with a 3x86 also. ;)
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Deleted member 3
Prima.VeraYou can do that with a 3x86 also. ;)
Or run a sarcasm detecting supercomputer, that would come in handy.
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This is cool to hear about for non server variants. As we have had 10 core 20T Intel E7- out for a while they cost over $4,000 though.:banghead:
Hoping that these are around $600 or less.
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