Tuesday, February 7th 2012

Amulet Hotkey Announces World's First PCoIP Blade for CAD/CAM

Amulet Hotkey takes the proven data center grade server platform of the Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers and reconfigures it as a high-performance graphics workstation, building in custom components to provide superior, high-end desktop graphics and PC-over-IP (PCoIP) hardware. The M610X blade, is the first PCoIP workstation blade focused on providing the computing and graphics performance required by state of the art 3D design and CAD/CAM software. This PCoIP multi-monitor blade architecture was pioneered by Amulet Hotkey in 2009 when it brought the first DXM600 quad-head workstation blade to market. As one of the longest standing UK-based Dell OEM Solutions Partners, it is the only PCoIP solutions provider to offer a true tier-one blade platform. The DXM610X joins a growing range of PCoIP and VMware blade solutions that include the DXM610, DXM710 and M910.
Launched today, the DXM610X combines powerful, dual Intel Xeon technology with NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics and Amulet Hotkey PCoIP hardware in a compact blade form factor to deliver no compromise graphics over an IP network. Data remains securely locked in the data center whilst at the desktop USB peripherals are locked down in hardware.

“Many of our clients are now embracing the significant advantages of workstation blade computing with improved levels of security, centralized control and server-grade management, offering clear savings in total cost of ownership,” says Viv Summerfield, CEO and founder. “With the DXM610X we have created a unique capability that offers high-performance users in a variety of 3D modelling and design sectors the performance, security and flexibility they need for creative projects.”

For more information, visit Amulet Hotkey.
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Nice tech but what's the point of overlaying milkdrop like VFX on top of the video??
This looks childish IMO...
Not the presentation video I would want to share...
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