Tuesday, February 14th 2012

Graphics CTO Eric Demers leaves AMD

AnandTech is reporting Eric Demers is leaving AMD. This apparently was backed up with an official statement from AMD. Here is what they both had to say,
I just found out that AMD's Eric Demers (Corporate VP & CTO, Graphics Division) is leaving the company at the end of this week. He's not going to Intel or NVIDIA but I suspect that someone of Eric's talents will remain in the industry. I just had dinner with Eric a couple of weeks ago and he seemed very positive on AMD's roadmap going forward. Given how important the GPU is becoming in this ever expanding industry, someone like Eric is in very high demand.
We now have an official statement from AMD:
Eric Demers, AMD Corporate Vice President and CTO, Graphics Business Unit, has decided leave AMD to pursue other opportunities. AMD Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster will assume interim responsibility for the Graphics Business Unit CTO role until a replacement is found. AMD remains fully committed to our critical graphics IP development and discrete GPU products. We have a tremendous depth of talent in our organization, a game plan that is resonating with our customers and our team, and we are continuing to bring graphics-performance-leading products to market. We will attract the right technology leader for this role. We thank Eric for his contributions to the business and wish him well in his future endeavors.
Source: AnandTech
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Humm, sound like he's walking on his own accord, or that he feels others are getting up the ladder and he's passed over. This loss might not be good… I think Eric Demers had been vital to AMD and transitioning from ATI, while bringing pressure on Nvidia since the G92 era.
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Maybe Bob Dreblin got him a job at Apple....I hear they needed to replace that Papermaster guy...I wonder where he went.

Maybe Richard Huddy got him a job at Intel. I hear they needed a guy to replace that Naik guy...I wonder where he went.

Who is even left to name-drop these days in the engineering/CTO/VP dept?

Manju Hegde?

I bet if he wanted he could just go back where he came from. They'd prolly still take him.
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Radeon HD7770 - In memory of Eric Demers


Radeon HD7770 1100Mhz OC RageQuit Edition?

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Elvis........has left the building.......
At least its not a: man down. Man down. Saituation. This time
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~Technological Technocrat~
ensabrenoir said:

At least its not a: man down. Man down. Saituation. This time
R.I.P steve jobs....
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Papermaster again making the news...I think we all know what will happen next. Soon a trade dispute will break out in some backwater territory...then kids will race AG vehicles...then...Liam Nesson...Nooooo!!

Papermaster is Palpatine, Palpatine is Papermaster! We're doomed!! Soon cloned Papermasters will own us all!! :D

Seriously tho, shame to see a classic ATI guy leave. All the best for him and his endeavors!
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