Friday, February 17th 2012

ASRock Releases its First Industrial PC Motherboards

ASRock has asserted that it is now a mature motherboard vendor, by releasing its first industrial PC (IPC) motherboards. IPC products are a more tell-tale sign of maturity than high-end PC or even enterprise ones, as IPC motherboards will be located on production-lines, where the slightest errors could cost the company a lot of production, or even endanger workers. ASRock released three products: the IMB-140, IMB-141, and IMB-142. The latter two share an identical board layout. All three models are driven by Intel Atom D2700.

The IMB-140 is heavy on connectivity, it includes three serial bus ports, dual-GbE interface, D-Sub, HDMI, and LVDS display outputs, two SATA 3 Gb/s storage interfaces, legacy PCI, and a plethora of other legacy connectivity. The IMB-141 and IMB-142 have slightly slimmer connectivity load outs, the two differ only with the latter having two GbE interfaces, while the former has one. The two have more USB interfaces, and one lesser serial bus (COM) port. The two also feature a mini-PCIe apart from a legacy PCI.
Source: VR-Zone
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