Thursday, February 23rd 2012

ASUS Has No Booth At CeBIT

ASUS decided to bail on this year's edition of CeBIT, Europe's biggest consumer electronics and computer expo, held annually in Hanover, Germany. It has reportedly scrapped plans of setting up a booth there. What makes this big news is that it's ASUS - the single biggest vendor of PC motherboards, a notable vendor of notebooks, netbooks, and other computer hardware. Perhaps it's the timing of CeBIT that ASUS isn't quite liking, which falls right in between CES, held in early-January, in the US; and Computex, held mid-year in Taiwan, home of most computer hardware manufacturers, including ASUS. CES and Computex both have a fair attendance of European press anyway. No other companies similar to ASUS have reported to scrap their CeBIT plans. ASRock and Biostar have plans to set up small booths.
Source: DigiTimes
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I guess they feel the EU market is not worth the bother with the ongoing recession :(
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~Technological Technocrat~
Im gonna miss the Asus Boothbabes. No loss however, MSI & Samsung always have some of the best!
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I've only made it to CeBIT twice in the last 10 years (we exhibited every year up until 2 years ago), and I have never covered the entire show floor(s). I don't think I ever made it to Asus' booth.

If it were a smaller company I would be concerned about their lack of presence, but for ASUS it must just not make financial sense to attend. That is one of those shows that is just so big everything gets lost in the blur of booth babes and beer.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
There are many things wrong about CeBIT, starting from its location. It's held in a sleepy town and not a big city. Accommodation is severely limited and expensive. It's one of the colder parts of Germany. Then its timing makes it suffer from a middle-child syndrome between CES and Computex with global exhibitors (no offense to people who are middle-children).

Then like I said in the article, European press attends CES and Computex in decent numbers anyway, so it's not like exhibitors are neglecting the European market by not attending CeBIT. ASUS certainly can afford to have a huge booth at CeBIT, but I'm talking about the smaller exhibitors.
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It's held in a sleepy town and not a big city
it's a city of ~550k, the local capital and the 13th biggest city in germany.

but still too small for an event like cebit. hotel prices are up by like 500%. hotels basically start at 200 usd per night, if you can get something

weather is generally cold in germany at this time of year
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The 550K size is a little deceptive in comparison to other cities, as Hannover doesn't really have anything like the same suburbs as other cities. Glasgow for example is a far bigger city, but as far as population goes isn't much greater in number - 625K approx. Hannover effectively contains it's own suburbs, while most other cities do not.
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People should stop going to Asus' booth's anyways! Boooo Asus! :shadedshu
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
so i wont be able to see the maximus v extreme/formula :(
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