Tuesday, February 28th 2012

FTC Chairman Calls New Google Policy A "Fairly Binary and Brutal Choice to Consumers"

US FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz called Google's new unified policy "a fairly binary and somewhat brutal choice that they're giving consumers," in other words, a "take it or leave it" choice. Mr. Leibowitz made these comments speaking an episode of C-SPAN's Newsmakers. Google's new unified gives users of its various services (eg: G-Mail, YouTube, Picassa), a single user policy to agree to, to continue using the services. The policy also outlines how Google will use data collected by its different services, something its critics noted to be invasive. Less than 48 hours from taking effect, the policy is facing opposition from European regulators, and even a group of 36 US Attorneys General.
Sources: The Verge, All Things D
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11 Comments on FTC Chairman Calls New Google Policy A "Fairly Binary and Brutal Choice to Consumers"

And this differ's from any other companies agenda how? Consumer always get's the short end of the stick....
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Chief Broken Rig
true but no other company has as much control as google

think about it

Google Search Engine = 65% of the searches in 2011
Google Android Phones = must opt in to there spying on everything you do or you cant use your phone
Gmail = emails monitored
Youtube = videos you watch are already taken into account now ads based on what you view are sent to you directly

now think about how prolific google is on the internet and everything there involved in ;) thats why everyones being pissy if google was a nobody nobody would care, lol thats how it works
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And this differ's from how thing's have been in society since the beggining of time how? Only thing is now it is digital so more tracking/monitoring can be done
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Completely Bonkers
Google will sell the data to STRATFOR. That includes the information of you typing "wikileaks" into your Chrome browser. STRATFOR will then sell the data to the gvt. And you get tapped with all your correspondence and activities logged and monitored.

Is your argument "you got nothing to hide, so you don't care about privacy". That's awfully noble... and naiive.
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Come on guys, they are just monitoring us to "improve their services for us".

*wink wink nod nod*
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I agree with m1dg3t, this is no surprise and differs little from what other companies do and will continue to do.

They way I look at it, if you don't like it then don't use it. I don't know this for sure but I bet 99% of Google's products/services can be found through other companies..

Yahoo, Bing, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone, etc, etc..

There's an alternative for just about anything.
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According to an article I read just a second ago here in the forums, it won't matter if we're tracked or not because the sun will become a red giant and swallow the Earth, or something along those lines :rolleyes:
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pr0n Inspector
I told you nothing is free. We are watching you.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
well since there are plenty of alternatives to google i don't see what the big deal is. people complain too much and act too little. you deserve to be enslaved you lazy slobs.
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well how to you think apple got to be a trillion $$ company? google is just trying to catch up with bigger brother.
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