Wednesday, February 29th 2012

AMD Lowers Phenom II Prices By Up To 15%

AMD has really went on a slashing spree this week as in addition to making the FX-6100 and FX-8120 cheaper, it also updated (read lowered) the pricing of nine Phenom II processors. As seen in the chart below, the Phenom cuts range from 2% to 15%, the biggest drop being seen on the Phenom II X4 965 which went from $135 to $115.

Double-digit cuts were also made for the X4 955 (10.3%), X4 975 (11.4%) and X4 980 (10.8%) while the X6 1055T and X6 1075T went down by 6.1% and 8.8%, respectively.

Source: CPU World
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Inceptor said:
Well, according to rumour, AMD is working on 1090FX and 1070 chipsets, as well as possibly giving Piledriver quad channel memory...
Depends on that, really. If it's true, it probably means Piledriver needs the new chipset, if not, then the upgrade path is there for 990/970 chipset boards.
Back November 8th 2011... We all discussed those AMD 1090FX and 1070 chipsets information and most said the socket would be AM3+, that's not in doubt. The thing is will 970 chipset have a good presumption to flash for Piledriver and not be finicky? I'm sure the socket will be there, but can BOIS flash provide functionality. I’d believe so… AMD and motherboard manufactures need to just say, "yes Piledriver will be backward compatible in 970/990FX chipsets". Just say it what so hard about that?

But as of today "We have not heard anything about the upcoming (or is it cancelled?) 1090FX chipset, other than it is based on 890FX/990FX" and them keep reading?
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Semi-Retired Folder
No 960T :(

I'm hoping to pick one up cheap for the minecraft server...
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newtekie1 said:
No 960T

I'm hoping to pick one up cheap for the minecraft server...
They're selling well, and they seem to be more likely to unlock to 6 cores now, from what I've read.
If 960Ts are selling, then what's the point of AMD pushing out new 1090Ts and 1100Ts? They can just lock two cores and have a higher probability of making the sale to customers through their resellers.
I doubt 960Ts will drop in price until right at the very end when there are few left available.

I've noticed lately that the only Thubans available now on and are the 1035T and 1045T, two chips that were not previously available on those sites. Those are lower clocked (2.6 and 2.7ghz). The higher performing ones are going somewhere... 960T is my guess.

If all goes well with the shipping gods, mine will arrive tomorrow.
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