Friday, March 2nd 2012

Windows 8 Has a Killswitch

Microsoft's Windows 8 is reported to come with a "killswitch", which can by flipped by Microsoft to delete malware downloaded from its App Store by unsuspecting customers. Last year, Google's Android Marketplace was swarmed by malware disguised as popular applications from various other publishers. These applications were bought and downloaded by unsuspecting users. When word reached Google, it flipped a killswitch with Android that instantly removed these bogus applications across thousands of devices. It's not just Google, Apple too has a similar killswitch with which it keeps its App Store users safe from malware.

News of killswitches with Windows (in-turn the PC platform), isn't going in too well with advocates of privacy and free-speech, who fear that Microsoft's planted killswitch gives it unwarranted power to remotely erase applications and user data (connected to these applications), without the consent of the user. It could then be used as a potential censorship tool, or even an anti-competition tool, by synthetically-engineering market-shares of software used by people.Sources: Businessweek, VigilantCitizen
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Resident Wat-man
erixx said:
just thinking about apps: Why for fucks sake do most (95% or so) of all downloaded "apps" (for android and symbian in my case) ask me to allow them "network access" if they are not "network" related? (like single player games) I am afraid all those mof'ing apps are collecting usage data and even contact data! They should announce this build-in shit more transparently or DIE.
Angry much? So many applications report back to the software company that developed it and you have no idea that it is even doing so... but before you start getting your panties in a bunch, what do you have to hide? You didn't steal the applications did you? No? Nothing to worry about.
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1) My right to have my privacy should remain UNQUESTIONED as only I can open it under informed consent conditions.

2) My broadband data connection is MINE and if I should shut it down I should still be able to run a tiny game on my phone/tablet. But there are already blockbuster SP games that require constant internet and nobody is stopping them...

Feel free to let people walk into your house and take your beer. Now STFU!
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ACTA, kill-switches...what is next? Global Communism?
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