Monday, March 5th 2012

ASUS Teases with ROG Maximus V

With launch of Intel's 7-series chipset a little over a month away, there's hectic activity in the PC motherboard industry, a section of which is wooing the PC enthusiast community. Among this, is ASUS, which has its Republic of Gamers Maximus V series of motherboards ready. In all likelihood, these motherboards are based on Intel's Z77 chipset, and could include three variants, Extreme, Formula, and Gene (micro-ATX). Full pictures, and previews of these motherboards are lined up for a little later this week.
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My name is Dave
btarunr said:
Full pictures, and previews of these motherboards are lined up for a little later this week.
Not from me!(unless it magically appears today) :roll:
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OK, so I guess this is the class of Asus board that will have Intel Thunderbolt,.....
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hey.. i saw this in ROG FB page :toast:
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this is the motherboard I have been waiting for, finally I can upgrade my old PC. ;)
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So many of these maximus extremus formula something something, its hard to keep track on which is which XD
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i hope it's a Formula bcs they actually have Gene and Extreme so for the LGA1155 they only miss the Formula board.
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The maximus 4 was a bliss in terms of looks and ease of use. I'm curious to know of the improvements they came up with this edition. :D
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
must.... have.... asap!
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Gimme gimme gimme! My Maximus II Formula is the best motherboard i've ever had so a Maximus V is a given for my new build :)
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
HMM would love pictures!
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