Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Biwin America, Inc. Founded to Develop Advanced New SSD Storage Solutions

Biwin today announced the opening of Biwin America, Inc., in San Jose, California to develop and market new flash based SSD storage solutions for enterprise, embedded and client applications.

Biwin is already an established leader in OEM and ODM USB flash drives. The company boasts impressive manufacturing strength that includes die sorting and packaging, over 20 SMT lines, and sophisticated test and QC processes. The founding of Biwin America, Inc., in the heart of Silicon Valley, marks the company’s expansion into the USA market with a focus on expanding their existing SSD product portfolio. The company will sell its products directly to OEMs as well as through distribution.
“Biwin America will be dedicated to developing flash storage solutions that deliver superior performance and reliability. We’re very much looking forward to bringing innovative new SSD products to market.” - Joe James, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Biwin America.

For more information, browse through the Product portfolio, and visit the website.
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2 Comments on Biwin America, Inc. Founded to Develop Advanced New SSD Storage Solutions

Eleet Hardware Junkie
i wish more companies would make pcie based ssds. affordable though. that or ones that can plug directly into the sata port without a cable, like a flashdrive.
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They are coming. Start saving up some cash for around Computex time.
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