Monday, March 26th 2012

Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 Hall of Fame Edition Taking Shape

Apart from the GeForce GTX 680 4 GB, NVIDIA's major AIC partner Galaxy, is also working on the GTX 680 Hall of Fame (HOF) Edition. Galaxy uses the "HOF" marker to designate its highest-grade custom-design products, with the highest out of the box OC, and headroom. Galaxy unveiled an unfinished prototype of this card, along with a presentation of what it will look like, when finished, at a media event in China. The card will use the same exact cooling assembly as the one used on its GTX 580 Multi-Display graphics card. This cooler uses a complex set of aluminum fin heatsinks to which heat is conveyed by copper heat pipes, and which are ventilated by three 90 mm fans. The cooler shroud is illuminated by blue LEDs.

Under the cooler of GTX 680 HOF, is a milky-white PCB (Galaxy is known for white PCBs on high-end graphics cards). The card uses an 8+2+2 phase VRM, which reportedly makes use of International Rectifier DirectFETs, and high-grade chokes, although still an analog design. The VRM controller will be Galaxy's custom GX31 chip, with software voltage control, voltage monitoring, and power-draw monitoring. The card draws power from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors.
The card will also feature a dual-BIOS design to insure against bad BIOS updates. Apart from hard consolidated voltage measurement points, the card features a header for what's called "OC Panel", a physical tweaking gadget, similar to EVGA EVBot. Apart from this, there's a heavily updated Magic Panel software, with a boatload of settings. Galaxy did not give out its clock speeds information, but one can bet on the card having a massive OC headroom. Galaxy did not give out a launch time-frame.
Source: Expreview
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Lets see if it can beat the prev gen dual gpu monsters!
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If this was 4 GBs and had a controller afterburner could use they might just have a sale, but naturally they stop short of perfection.
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:O Nice:):respect:
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I wonder what the warranty duration will be.
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I love the OC panel. :) I really want this card... But it would be stupid of me to buy it.
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