Thursday, March 29th 2012

RAIDMAX Announces New Chassis Incorporating Luxurious Car Themes - RAPTOR

RAIDMAX, a computer chassis provider, is pleased to announce a chassis with a sports car theme incorporated in the outer appearance - RAPTOR. Designed for ATX and m-ATX motherboards, the RAPTOR is ideal for PC builders wanting a chassis that is both flexible and eye-catching at a great value.

Striking Outer Appearance

The RAPTOR has several aesthetic designs to make it stand out amongst the crowd. Imitating the back of a sports car, the airfoil design on the top of the RAPTOR sits above the LED illuminated fans. The dark-tinted airfoil not only gives this chassis a sporty appeal, but is also translucent, allowing users to see the LEDs and fans spinning. The fender-like blades on both sides of the front panel add even more to the sports car-like appearance. The RAPTOR is available in two colors: red and black as well as blue and black.

Modular HDD Cage for Flexible Installations

The chassis' stackable modular HDD cage supports up to five 3.5" or 2.5" hard drives. The HDD trays tool-lessly slide out, allowing users to easily screw their HDD or SSD onto the tray. The top module of the HDD cage can be taken out completely or placed parallel giving users the ability to install VGA cards of up to 430 mm in length. The easily removable 2.5" cage holds an additional two 2.5" SSDs or HDDs and lays on the bottom of the chassis next to the stackable HDD rack.

Featuring more tool-less features, the RAPTOR holds up to three 5.25" drives that are easily secured into place. Seven PCI slots ensure future expandability and water-cooling is supported with three rubber protected holes on the back panel.

Exceptional Cooling

With four included 120 mm fans and room to install one more in the front, the RAIDMAX RAPTOR is designed to keep your system at optimal operating temperature. The front 120 mm LED illuminated fan blows directly on the top module of the HDD cage, or directly on the VGA card if the module is removed. The dual top 120 mm LED illuminated fans and the rear 120 mm fan push hot air out of the chassis further aiding air circulation.

Further increasing cooling capabilities, the ventilation holes on the tool-lessly removed side panel with handles for a better grip let excess heat easily escape. Also, the bottom PSU ventilation holes with a removable dust filter help increase the performance and life of your PSU.

Cable Management

Out of the box, the RAPTOR provides pre-routed cable management for all the included fans, LEDs, USBs, and audio connections. For your other wires, rubber protected holes let you guide all the cables to the roomy 25 mm space behind the motherboard keeping your system neat and organized.

Easily Accessible Connectivity with Adjustable Controls

Equipped with the standard USB 3.0, USB 2.0 slots, audio and microphone connections, the RAPTOR's I/O panel, located at the top of the chassis, also comes with two control knobs allowing you to adjust fan speed and LED brightness.

Product Highlights of the RAIDMAX RAPTOR

- Luxurious car themes
- Modular HDD cage
- Supports ATX/m-ATX motherboards
- Allows for VGA cards up to 430 mm in length
- LED illuminated fans
- Pre-routed cable management
- Easy access I/O panel with fan speed and LED brightness adjustment control
- MSRP: $99.99


Available in the USA and Canada in May
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13 Comments on RAIDMAX Announces New Chassis Incorporating Luxurious Car Themes - RAPTOR

its not too heavy .. and @ cheap price
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
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hhumas said:
its not too heav
Read: flimsy, just like the other Raidmax products.

And how does this incorporate a luxurious car theme? :wtf:
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the side is ok but the front? they put too much on the front
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From the back it looks like a CM690II, from the front it looks like a piece of crap...
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I think I found their inspiration for the "sports car theme"...

Seriously though, when will case manufacturers learn that most enthusiast prefer clean lines and smooth panels? Lian-Li knows it, Corsair knows it, even Coolermaster has figured it out. This case is just WAY too much bling! But my kids will probably love it!
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Dj-ElectriC said:
From the back it looks like a CM690II, from the front it looks like a piece of crap...
If *that* rear end looks like a 690II, anything does nowadays. Although those oversized rubber feet do look familiar...
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...but it's not a sports car.

These case designers don't seem to understand, sports car styling works for sports cars for a reason. Sports cars are low, sleek, streamlined and...not made out of matte plastic. Sports cars are rife with elements that tread on the right side of the line between cheesy and slick, but only because they're suitable elements for sports cars.

Cases are typically big, chunky and not particularly aerodynamic; they don't need to be, because they typically have a maximum speed of 0MPH during operation. If I could ride my computer to work, then maybe there'd be a reason to have silly flaps on it.

You know what else is big, chunky and not particularly aerodynamic? 4x4s, Rolls Royces and Bentleys (with exceptions). If you want to take inspiration from automobiles, you might get some better results from them, because as it is, sports cars are resulting in cases that look like cheap, ripped-off batmobile toys.
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Imitating the back of a sports car.......:shadedshu

Gotta find these guys some new inspiration
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I don't think it looks to bad. I'm a fan of windows to see inside with lighting tho. My wife likes it cause of the red. It does have potential.
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Looks nice enough but lacking in the hardrive department IMO.
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