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RAIDMAX Intros the Tornado RC-series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

RAIDMAX today introduced the Tornado RC line of all-in-one closed-loop CPU coolers, with two models, the RC120 with a 120 mm x 120 mm radiator, and the RC240 with a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. RAIDMAX claims that the two can handle thermal loads of up to 200 W and 400 W, respectively. They probably used a combination of high coolant pressure and high air-flow fans to achieve these. You get addressable RGB LED embellishments in the pump-block and the fans, with a single 3-pin ARGB cable handling lighting for the entire cooler.

The included fans feature "petal blade" impellers, spin between 600 to 1,800 RPM using 4-pin PWM inputs, push 29.84 to 71.65 CFM of air, with noise output ranging between 10.5 to 31.8 dBA, each. The fans feature aRGB LEDs studded into the impeller hub. The pump has a fixed speed of 2,800 RPM, with 25 dBA noise output. Among the CPU socket types supported are AM4, AM3(+). FM2(+), LGA115x, LGA2066, LGA2011(v3), and LGA1366. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Unveils the Atilla Mid-tower Case

Raidmax today unveiled the Atilla, a mid-tower case with its most interesting bit up front - a faux brushed-aluminium panel accented by two vertical RGB LED strips with a patterned diffuser. The left side panel is tempered glass. The entire case is raised from the front at a tilt of roughly 5 degrees, possibly to make it look bigger than it is. Inside, it features a conventional horizontally partitioned layout with the top compartment holding the motherboard tray, and the bottom one with drive bays and a PSU bay.

The motherboard tray of the Raidmax Atilla serves up room for add-on cards up to 35.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height. Storage includes two 2.5-inch mounts, and two 3.5-inch drive bays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives. Ventilation includes three 120 mm front intakes, two 120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. An in-build addressable RGB controller lets you control not just the two front lighting strips, but four additional 3-pin ARGB devices. Front panel connectivity includes three USB 3.0 ports, HDA jacks, and a button to cycle through the RGB lighting's presets. The case measures 383 mm x 205 mm x 484 mm (WxDxH), although some of its height is due to the incline. The company didn't reveal pricing.

RAIDMAX Galaxy Lets You Have Infinite Reflection On The Cheap

RAIDMAX unveiled the Galaxy, an entry-level (read: sub-$50) mid-tower case with an infinite reflection RGB light-strip along the front fascia (a concept introduced by the In Win 805). RAIDMAX is using addressable RGB LED strips that take in 3-pin standard aRGB input directly from your motherboard. Measuring 423.6 mm x 191 mm x 408 mm (DxWxH), the Galaxy is one of the narrower cases in the market, highlighted by its rear exhaust fan vent being a measly 80 mm, which is also the only fan-vent available in this case. Tempered glass makes up the front and left side-panels of the case. Storage options include three 3.5-inch drive trays, and two 2.5-inch mounts. The motherboard tray offers room for graphics cards up to 35.5 cm long, and CPU coolers no more than 14.5 cm tall.

RAIDMAX Rolls Out the Magnus White and Brushed Aluminium Finish Chassis

RAIDMAX today rolled out the Magnus, a premium ATX full-tower case characterized by its mostly-white body with contrasting black, and a brushed aluminium panel dominating its front. The interiors feature a semi-partitioned layout, with the bottom partition only enclosing the PSU bay, while a 2-drive 3.5-inch cage sits besides it, which is detachable. Four additional 2.5-inch drive mounts are located beside and behind the motherboard tray. The motherboard tray can house ATX and E-ATX boards, with eight expansion slots, and two additional vertically oriented slots to show off your graphics card (PCIe riser not included). You get room for graphics cards up to 42 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17.8 cm in height. Ventilation includes either three 120 mm or two 140 mm front intakes, three 120 mm or two 140 mm top exhausts, and a 140/120 mm rear exhaust factory-fitted with an NV-120FB RGB fan.

RAIDMAX MX-902F Heatspreaders Add RGB Bling to Your Memory

RAIDMAX launched the MX-902F, a set of two heatspreaders for full-length DDR4 thru DDR2 memory modules, which add RGB multi-color LED bling. The heatspreaders are made of an aluminium alloy, with silicone diffusers for five addressable RGB LEDs that can put out 16.7 million colors. Each of the two heatspreaders take in standardized 3-pin addressable-RGB input, and daisy-chain a single aRGB source between the two heatspreaders. The heatspreaders are 51 mm tall (factor in some additional height when installed with a module), 8 mm-thick, and 127 mm long. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Neon RGB is a Mid-Tower Dominated by RGB LED Front Lighting

A trio of RGB LED illuminated front fans is emerging as the latest trend in PC case design, and Raidmax Neon RGB is one among many with this element. This ATX mid-tower is characterized by dark tinted tempered glass panels along the front and left side panels, and SECC steel along the right, top, and of course rear. Out of the box, you'll get three 120 mm included with the case, which are factory-fitted along the three 120 mm front intakes. Each of these has a silicone RGB LED diffuser ring along the bore of the frame. Interestingly, the case's sole exhaust is a paltry 80 mm rear vent, and is kept vacant.

You get an all-black interiors with a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout, with the bottom partition completely enclosed from the top, and accessible from the right side. The motherboard tray can house graphics cards up to 35.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height. Storage areas include two 3.5-inch trays which can each hold 2.5-inch drives, and three additional 2.5-inch mounts behind the motherboard tray. The front-panel is basic, with two USB ports, and HDA jacks, and a button to cycle through the RGB LED lighting presets. The case measures 436 mm x 191 mm x 426 mm (LxWxH). The company didn't reveal pricing, although we expect it to be among the cheaper cases in the market.

Raidmax Intros the X08 Tower-type Open Air Chassis

Raidmax today introduced the X08, a quasi-open air ATX mid-tower chassis. A collection of stamped out sheet-metal bolted to tempered glass side panels, the X08 holds a standard ATX motherboard with 7 add-on card slots. Its motherboard tray has room for graphics cards up to 40 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15 cm in height.

There are no drive cages as such, and you're left to mount 2.5-inch drives along the spinal panel with the motherboard tray. The only fan mounts are three 120 mm along the top panel, letting you install a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator there. Front-panel connectivity includes a pair of USB 3.0 ports, and HDA jacks. The case measures 610 mm x 255 mm x 525 mm (LxWxH). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Announces Cobra Series 1200W PSUs

Raidmax today rolled out the Cobra series power supplies (not to be confused with the Akasa CobraPower series from 2013). These PSUs are part of the Cobra Gaming line of hardware Raidmax debuted in September 2017 with AIO liquid CPU coolers. The company also has a case by that name from 2012. The Raidmax Cobra PSU lineup includes two models for now, 1000W and 1200W. The 1000W model has been available in some markets since January. The 1200W model launched today.

The PSUs are characterized by a black+yellow color scheme on the units, and cable sleeves resembling certain species of cobra. They feature partially modular cabling, with the 24-pin ATX, two 4+4 pin EPS, and two 6+2 pin PCIe power (1000W) or four 6+2 pin PCIe power (1200W) connectors being fixed; while two additional 6+2 pin PCIe power, nine SATA power, six Molex, and one Berg, are modular. Under the hood, these PSUs feature single +12V rail designs, with 80 Plus Gold efficiency, DC-to-DC switching, active PFC, and most common electrical protections. A 135 mm fan keeps the unit cool. The quirky styling extends to even the airtight plastic boxes these PSUs ship in.

Raidmax Intros the Zeta Mid-tower Chassis

Raidmax is on a spree of naming its new cases after letters of the Greek alphabet. Its latest creation is the Zeta mid-tower chassis, characterized by a tempered glass left side-panel, a bulged out metal right side-panel, and a perforated metal front, making for a mostly monochromatic design, when contrasted with its white LED-illuminated rear exhaust fan. Inside, you get a conventional horizontally dual-partitioned layout, with the bottom compartment almost entirely enclosed from the left thru the top.

The top compartment of the Raidmax Zeta serves up room for graphics cards up to 39 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16.5 cm in height. Besides room for a fairly long PSU, the bottom compartment holds two 3.5-inch drive bays, which can each also hold 2.5-inch drives. Two additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray, accessible from here. The bulge on the steel right side-panel adds a good 1 cm of extra crawlspace for thicker power and SATA cables to be routed. Cooling includes three 120 mm front intakes, three 120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust (fan included). Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 ports, and HDA jacks. The case measures 466 mm x 218 mm x 475 mm (LxWxH). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Intros the Gama Mid-tower Chassis

Raidmax today introduced the Gama ATX mid-tower chassis (not to be confused with the NZXT Gamma). The case is characterized by a glossy and bulbous front-top section made of ABS plastic, which comes in four colors - white, piano-black, bright-green, and orange. Contrasting it are matte-black vertical slats. The left side-panel is dominated by a 4 mm-thick tinted tempered-glass panel.

Inside, you'll find a horizontally-partitioned layout, with the top compartment housing the motherboard tray, while the bottom one, which is enclosed from one side, holds the PSU and a couple of 3.5-inch drive bays. Two additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. Cooling system includes either three 120 mm or two 140 mm front intakes, either three 120 mm or two 140 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. Front panel connectivity is basic, with two USB 3.0 ports (standard header) and HDA jacks. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Intros Thunder RGB Series Semi-modular PSUs

Raidmax today introduced the Thunder RGB series of mid-range, semi-modular PSUs for gaming desktops. The lineup currently consists of two models based on wattage, 735W (RX-735AP-R), and 535W (RX-535AP-R). These PSUs are characterized by RGB multi-color LED lighting on their 135 mm fan, which takes in 4-pin RGB header input, and supports ASUS Aura Sync RGB. Under the hood, these units feature a single +12V rail design, 80 Plus Bronze switching efficiency, and most common electrical protection mechanisms (against over/under voltage, overload, and short-circuit).

The two Thunder RGB variants feature semi-modular cabling. The 24-pin ATX, one 4+4 pin EPS, and two 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors are fixed, with fishnet sleeving. The modular cables are flat, ribbon-type. The 735W variant offers a total of four 6+2 pin PCIe connectors (including the fixed ones), eight SATA power, three 4-pin Molex, and one Berg. The 535W variant, on the other hand, only has two 6+2 pin PCIe (fixed), and six SATA power, besides the ATX, EPS, three Molex and one Berg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Intros Cobra RGB Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

Raidmax introduced the Cobra RGB line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. The line consists of two variants based on radiator size, the Cobra 120 RGB (120 mm x 120 mm radiator), and the Cobra 240 RGB (240 mm x 120 mm radiator). A key feature of these coolers is the fancy pump-block unit, which features a brushed faux-aluminium top, and an RGB multi-color LED diffuser, studded with four 16.8 million color diodes. You can control the color, brightness, and lighting patterns of the RGB LEDs with an included RF remote control. Additionally, you can also plug the block into a standard RGB LED header, and control lighting using ASUS Aura Sync RGB software.

The included 120 mm fans with these coolers, interestingly, lack any LED illumination. Taking in 4-pin PWM input, these fans spin between 500 and 2,000 RPM, pushing up to 88.3 CFM of air, with a noise output of up to 25 dBA. The cooler supports most modern CPU socket types, including LGA2066, LGA2011(v3), LGA115x, LGA775, AM4, AM3(+), and FM2(+), with the notable exception of TR4. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Announces the Alpha Mid-tower Chassis

Raidmax today announced the Alpha, an ATX mid-tower chassis characterized by a large perforated-metal front panel, with RGB LED lighting. The lighting is handled by LED strips, and can be controlled using an included infrared remote control, which lets you set not just color, but also any of 22 multi-color lighting modes. The side panel features a large clear acrylic window. Internally, the case features a contemporary horizontally partitioned layout.

The Raidmax Alpha has room for graphics cards as long as 33 cm, and 16 cm tall CPU coolers. Storage areas include one exposed 5.25-inch drive bay, three internal 3.5-inch (of which two can convert to 2.5-inch), and two additional 2.5-inch. The cooling features include 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm front intakes, two 140 mm top exhaust, and 120 mm rear exhaust. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raidmax Readies the SIGMA Mid-tower Chassis

Raidmax is working on the SIGMA mid-tower chassis. The case features a unique horizontally-compartmentalized interior design that sets it apart from the scores of similar case designs. The horizontal partition, instead of running the entire length of the case, stops short of the front panel by a few centimeters. This frees up room for a large 360 mm x 120 mm radiator along the front-panel, including fans attached to its inner side.

The case features a brushed aluminium front-panel with four perforated steel polygonal intakes. The case provides room for 2.5-inch drive bays along the motherboard tray, and two 3.5-inch bays under the bottom compartment. Besides the three 120 mm front intakes, you get two 120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. A tempered-glass side panel is thumb-screwed to the side. Front-panel connectivity include USB 3.0 ports (standard header) and HDA audio jacks. The company didn't reveal pricing or availability.

Raidmax Intros XT-Series Entry-level PSUs

Raidmax announced three XT-series entry-level PSUs, the 300-Watt RX-300XT, the 400-Watt RX-400XT, and the 500-Watt RX-500XT. The three offer a very basic feature-set, but offer a few neat features such as a low-noise, temperature-controlled 120 mm fan; Core "Haswell" C-states support, a single +12V rail design, and modern electrical protection mechanisms, against over/under-voltage, overload, and short-circuit. The 300W model lacks PCIe power cables; the 400W model offers a single 6-pin cable; while the 500W tops it with a 6+2 pin cable in addition to the 6-pin. Other connectors include 24-pin ATX, 4+4 pin EPS, 4x SATA-power, and two 4-pin Molex. The company didn't announce pricing.

Raidmax Announces the Narwhal ATX Mid-tower Case

Raidmax rolled out the Narwhal case. Measuring 498(H) X 245(W) X 518(D) mm, and made of SECC steel and ABS plastic, this bulbous ATX mid-tower features an airy perforated facade with an industrial design, and a side-panel with a tiny acrylic window. Its storage options include four 5.25-inch drive bays, with tool-free bay cover removal and drive installation; six 3.5-inch bays split between two cages of three bays, each, from which three feature 2.5-inch mounts.

Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes (LED-lit fans come included), a 120 mm rear exhaust, and two 140 mm top exhausts, with a tool-free radiator cage on top. Front-panel connectivity includes two each of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, and standard HDA jacks. The case comes in two variants based on the LED lighting of its front fans - white and blue. Raidmax didn't announce pricing or availability.

Raidmax Announces Vampire PSU Series, and Vampire Winterfall Case

Several new products from Raidmax are now available. The Taiwanese manufacturer presents with the Vampire PSU series particularly reliable and stable power supplies for budget-conscious user. The 80+ Gold certified power supply units impress with their magnificent price-performance ratio. Also new is the Vampire Winterfall, a voluminous Big Tower in white that offers soft touch surface and a variety of practical features.

The highly efficient power supplies are specifically designed for power hungry gaming systems. A silent running, temperature controlled 135 mm fan is responsible for the cooling of the internal components. The automatic control guarantees a continuous air flow at a minimum noise level. The Vampire power supplies use a semi-modular cable management. ATX- and EPS-plugs are fixed to the PSU, while PCI-E, SATA and Molex plugs are modular. This allows the user to choose the optimum cable set-up for their system. In order to meet the power requirements of modern systems, the Raidmax Vampire use two separate 12V rails.

Raidmax Releases the Seiran II Midi-Tower PC Case

Raidmax has now made available the Seiran II, a midi-tower PC chassis that offers support for ATX and micro ATX motherboards and can house graphics cards up to 390 mm in length. The case measures 457 x 216 x 476 mm, and has three front-facing USB (one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0) ports, a two-channel fan controller, three 5.25-inch and three 3.5-inch drive bays, and three pre-installed fans - one 120 mm model in front, another one at the back, and a 180 mm spinner on the side panel.

The Seiran II can be found priced at $49.99/€39.99.

Raidmax Announces the Vampire ATX Full Tower Case

RAIDMAX today announces the VAMPIRE, a full tower case with all the features a PC building enthusiast could want: tool-free design, convenient top I/O panel, zero-clutter cable management, water cooling support, and SSD hot swap functionality. Supporting motherboard form factors up to XL-ATX, the VAMPIRE is an ideal chassis for those looking for a spacious no hassle-case.

To minimize installation, upgrade and maintenance stress the VAMPIRE has several tool-less features. This case holds up to five 5.25" drives and seven 2.5" SSD/3.5" HDDs that are easily set into place with a tool-less mounting mechanism. The side panels and PCI slot covers use thumbscrews. Also, the fan filter on the bottom of the PSU can be easily pulled out for cleaning. For overclockers who wish to add top case fans or radiators, the metal mesh can be removed without tools.

RAIDMAX Announces Holiday Special and New Version of AGUSTA

RAIDMAX is pleased to announce that selected chassis is available for a special discount for the holiday season. This holiday special with a drop of the price of $10 and more on the latest selected RAIDMAX's cases includes: AGUSTA, RAPTOR and ORION.

In addition to offering this sale just in time for the holiday season, RAIDMAX is also releasing a new version of AGUSTA. This new version of AGUSTA not only features the original two-compartment internal design but also features a titanium colored front shield, green LED lighting and a side panel window to show off your hardware.

RAIDMAX Announces the Wide-Bodied COBRA Mid Tower Chassis

RAIDMAX is pleased to announce a mid tower chassis with a patented wide body design - COBRA. Designed with gamers' tastes in mind, this wide-bodied ATX and micro-ATX supporting chassis features LED lights, tool-less installations, and an effective thermal design. The 240mm (9.4") wide COBRA has plenty of interior space to fit the hardware gamers desires, and many tool-less features to make installations easy. Up to three 3.5" and four 2.5" hard drives can be installed in the HDD cages. The 2.5" HDD cage can be removed.

These hard drives just slide into the bay thanks to the COBRA's rail slide technology. The three 5.25" bays also have a tool-free design, allowing for simple optical drive installation. The smart one-click 5.25" bay covers on the front of the case come off with limited effort, and make it even easier to install optical drives.

RAIDMAX to Unveil 7 New Chassis at Computex

RAIDMAX today announces that it will be attending Computex Taipei 2012 from June 5 to June 9, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. RAIDMAX is extending an invitation to all Computex attendees to visit their booth (J0510 Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F) and get hands-on experience with their latest product offerings.

In addition to RAIDMAX's most recent new models - AGUSTA, RAPTOR, and ORION - they will be unveiling 7 new chassis that will be available in the 2nd half of 2012. Out of these 7 new chassis, 4 models will have a radically different body type from RAIDMAX's previous designs. Come see for yourself these chassis' innovative design.

RAIDMAX Announces New Chassis Incorporating Luxurious Car Themes - RAPTOR

RAIDMAX, a computer chassis provider, is pleased to announce a chassis with a sports car theme incorporated in the outer appearance - RAPTOR. Designed for ATX and m-ATX motherboards, the RAPTOR is ideal for PC builders wanting a chassis that is both flexible and eye-catching at a great value.

Striking Outer Appearance

The RAPTOR has several aesthetic designs to make it stand out amongst the crowd. Imitating the back of a sports car, the airfoil design on the top of the RAPTOR sits above the LED illuminated fans. The dark-tinted airfoil not only gives this chassis a sporty appeal, but is also translucent, allowing users to see the LEDs and fans spinning. The fender-like blades on both sides of the front panel add even more to the sports car-like appearance. The RAPTOR is available in two colors: red and black as well as blue and black.

RAIDMAX Announces the AGUSTA Gaming Chassis

RAIDMAX, a computer chassis provider, is pleased to announce a Gundam themed chassis with an unique HDD storage design. Designed for ATX and m-ATX motherboards, the AGUSTA is ideal for gamers seeking an aesthetically striking chassis with numerous tool-less features and impressive cooling.

Striking Front Shield with LED Illumination

In front of the five 5.25" bays with pop-off panels is the Gundam themed armor-shield. Opening like a door, this front shield gives the AGUSTA a visually striking appearance. When complemented by the front and top LED illuminated fans, the AGUSTA adds unmatched flash and appeal to your system.

RAIDMAX Announces New 600 W Power Supply - RX-600AF

RAIDMAX, a computer chassis provider, is pleased to announce their new 600 W Power Supply - RX-600AF. The RX-600AF provides reliable power to your PC while reducing electricity loss through its high efficiency design.

Energy Efficient

With certified 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, the RAIDMAX RX-600AF converts up to 85% of the input electricity into usable energy. This translates to less electrical usage and lower energy cost.

Effective Cooling

The powerful fan keeps the RX-600AF at optimal operating temperatures at regular usage. At times when you want to push your PC harder, the turbo fan controller gives the RX-600AF extra cooling ability anytime.

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