Saturday, March 31st 2012

Razer Announces Plans to Unveil Left-Handed Naga

Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, is receiving an overwhelming response from its devoted community, and has decided to move forward with plans to release a left-handed version of its award-winning Naga MMO gaming mouse.

Razer CEO and Chief Gamer Min-Liang Tan promised left-handed users that the company would make a left-handed Naga if his post on Facebook reached 10,000 "Likes" before April 21. The community responded by hitting that lofty total on March 29, more than three weeks before the deadline.

"That Facebook post generated more buzz than we could've ever imagined, which proves that there have been a number of gamers that have had their needs ignored for some time," said Tan. "We pride ourselves on being gamers ourselves, and we all know that there is no substitute for gaming with your dominant hand."

Razer became the first company to offer a left-handed gaming mouse two years ago, when the company announced its DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition. Proving that it's still serious about serving the need of its legions of left-handed users, Razer's latest Naga is only the second professional-grade gaming mouse designed specifically for left-handed users - and Razer makes both of them.

The community is a huge part of Razer, and that’s why we have a dedicated team of community specialists that monitor and interact with fans all over the world. Razer encourages any and all of its fans to connect with the company via Facebook ( and Twitter (, and share their ideas on what could be the next big announcement. We’re always listening.

17 MMO-optimized buttons
Program up to thousands of different in-game commands.

Maximum Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions
Game for days with the Razer Naga's ergonomic design, optimized for easy access to every button.

Custom Interface AddOns for MMO Games
Organize your skills and eliminate visual clutter with the Razer Naga's in-game custom interface AddOns (available for World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and more).

Product Features:

- 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
- 1000 Hz Ultrapolling / 1 ms response time
- 200 inches per second max tracking speed
- Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet
- 17 MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid)
- Optional MMO-specific software AddOns
- Unlimited character profiles with AddOns
- Approximate Size : 116 mm / 4.57” (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76” (Width) x 46 mm / 1.81” (Height)
- Approximate Weight: 134 g / 0.30 lbs
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9 Comments on Razer Announces Plans to Unveil Left-Handed Naga

If they make an Epic, I sure hope they fix the shoddy wireless for the lefties.
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As a left-handed gamer who has been dying for another left-handed mouse, this makes me happier than you could possibly imagine. I've never really liked the look and feel of the DeathAdder and the ambidextrous Steelseries mice never clicked (haha) with me either.

I've been using a right-handed mouse for the past few years and I've gotten used to it enough to look normal, but when I play an fps or something that relies heavily on mice movement, it's like watching a blind guy with no limbs trying to shoot a gun lol.

in any case, Razer just earned 1000 cool points from me and while i understand the demand for left-handed mice might not be as big as 'normal' mice, I wish other companies would take a page from Razer's book and do it 'just because' even if it won't bring in a ton of profit.
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I'm buying one a soon as it's available.
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Lab Extraordinaire
WTF, im a leftie, i ALWAYS use the mouse on the right hand. I used to do that when i was VERY young, just switch it and in 2 weeks you'll never want to change back
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Eh. I'm left handed and I will continue to use my right hand as the mouse hand. I bought an ambidextrous mouse and tried to use my left hand, but WASD with your right hand is awkward as hell (imo). I don't have the patience to mirror the keybindings for right handed use. I'll just stick to my right-handed naga. But it is good they're expanding options for people who prefer to use their left hand.
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Pffftttt everyone knows lefty's are like gingers, no soul at all. . .

I kid I kid, it's good to see people who game and are left handed get some love.
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I think this is a ruse by Razer to collect information on lefties and then wipe out these devil spawn...

PS. All the lefties I've spoken to are righties when it comes to their mice.. computers have forced many to become ambidextrous.
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I'm A leftie, using the mouse on the right. I also play guitar on the right and do all other righty stuff on the right. No problems.
BTW im using amouse that is intended for both, the zowie AM-GS (true gaming mouse, not neon-green sh*t)
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Lol, someone voted 'left. Im right handed'

errrr.. what?
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