Thursday, April 5th 2012

Enermax Unveils NX and EX-Series Entry-Mainstream PSUs

Enermax unveiled the NX-series entry-level, and EX-series mainstream PSUs for gaming PCs. The NX-series includes 350W, 450W, and 600W models; while the EX-series includes 450W, 550W, and 650W models. The NX-series models offer around 80% efficiency, which is as high as 86% for the 600W model. The 350W model includes just the one 6-pin PCIe power connector, while the 450W and 600W have 6-pin + 8-pin (6+2) connectors.

The EX-series, on the other hand, offers efficiency as high as 88%, with 6-pin + 8-pin (6+2) connectors on all models. Both NX-series and EX-series feature sturdy volcanic ash-coated steel shells, 120 mm fans (NX-series lacks illumination, EX-series has blue-LED illumination), delayed fan power-off, ErP Lot 6 compliance, and and stylish sleeved cables. Pricing and availability information is awaited.

Source: Expreview
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