Monday, April 16th 2012

HP Z1 Workstation Now Shipping Worldwide

HP today announced that the HP Z1 Workstation is now available worldwide for a starting price of $1,899 through global resellers and retailers, including CDW, MelroseMAC and PC Mall. The world's first all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display was unveiled in Las Vegas on Feb. 14 at the HP Global Partnership Conference.

Built for computer-aided design, digital media and entertainment professionals, the HP Z1 provides blazingly fast rendering and performance. It offers a full range of workstation-class graphics cards and processors and is thoroughly tested and certified to work with today's leading industry applications.

"We've been visiting customers around the globe, in industries from automotive to audio and video, and the response is overwhelmingly positive, with comments like 'it's insanely cool' and 'just the right size,'" said Jim Zafarana, vice president and general manager, Commercial Solutions Business Unit, HP. "Customers say they're impressed with the combination of accelerated performance and design that's not available on any other product in the market today."

Designed like no other, the display of the new HP Z1 snaps open so users can easily swap out parts and make upgrades without any tools required. The HP Z1 combines a sleek industrial design with accelerated performance, featuring Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, support for more than 1 billion colors and HP's world-class reliability.

Partner quotes

"The HP Z1 is a combination of performance and form factor that would make a great addition to any workplace environment," said Scott DeTota, senior director, Product and Partner Management, CDW. "IT managers will love its unique serviceability feature that truly sets it apart from the competition."

"When our customers see how easy it is to open an HP Z1, without any tools, to change the hard drive or upgrade the memory, they're hooked," said Sandy S. Nasseri, president, MelroseMAC. "This is exactly what they've been looking for in a space-saving workstation for production or post-production work. The HP Z1 with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU, Avid Media Composer 6.0 and Adobe's Creative Suite is the hottest thing to happen to digital media and entertainment in years."

"Our customers range from small businesses and large enterprises to schools and government agencies; however, they all have one thing in common - a need for reliable technology," said Kristin Rogers, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, PC Mall. "The HP Z1 has all of the benefits of a traditional all-in-one PC, but adds workstation-class performance and reliability and, most importantly, upgradability."

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7 Comments on HP Z1 Workstation Now Shipping Worldwide

Haha, it has lift pistons! Seriously cool.
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~Technological Technocrat~
I was about to say "thats an expensive screen!" then i realised it was an AIO.

you could build a much better system for the same price, get a catleap monitor to go with it and still have money to spare.

though I suppose the most expensive item in this AIO build is probably the top end Quadro graphics card
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Completely Bonkers
Fail on glossy screen. That's "consumer" and not "workstation". Let's not pretend it is anything else, even though it is highly specced. As an iMac competitor for the home, this is a very nice and upgradable design. +1. But where is my high-res matte IPS? And what a bunch of odd characters on that video link!
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Completely Bonkers said:
Fail on glossy screen.

At least the components are nice, but don't know why isn't there an option for a Quadro 5010m or FirePro cards (Eyefinity)...
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nah! doesn't feel like a WorkStation...
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Wile E
Power User
Finally, somebody with a true competitor to iMac. Too bad it's still about the same price. Bonus on easy upgradability.
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