Tuesday, April 17th 2012

Acer Announces the Handover of its New EMEA Headquarters in Switzerland

Acer's new EMEA head-quarters is now completed and ready to house Acer's main operations in the region. The innovative new building will host all executive functions, marketing, finance and logistics, and lays a solid foundation for the company's future.

Designed and built by the Tarchini Group Studio in conjunction with an international team of architects and consultants, the building is situated in Bioggio in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), near the Lugano airport and major highways.

The modern and futuristic building incorporates many high tech and environmentally friendly solutions. From the use of ecofriendly material to specific energy saving solutions, such as heating pumps rather than oil, everything has been designed to allow Acer to reduce the environmental impact of the new EMEA headquarters, and contribute to reaching zero emissions.

The building includes 7.500sqm of offices, meeting rooms and technical labs, and will accommodate up to 250 employees, giving Acer space to expand its operations in line with business needs.

Acer has its EMEA head-quarters in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland for 9 years now. Ticino in particular was selected for its convenient geographical position, talented local workforce and clear and precise legal and tax systems fostering company's competitiveness in the market. Acer's new investment demonstrates company's commitment to the region of Lugano and Canton Ticino, well-known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant commercial life.
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I hope this will change the quality of their support for EMEA region, because the last time i had to contact them like 2 years ago, their support for EMEA region was just astronomically horrid. They've needed 3 days to respond to each inquiry (ACER US needed 1 hour!, but they then directed me to EMEA office because ppl/companies still think we belong in the Eastern Europe) and they could barely speak or understand english. I had to explain the same thing 3 times before the guy on the other end sort of got it what i want. But in the end i had to visit local ACER service center to sort the thing out. Not nice at all.
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