Friday, April 20th 2012

GIGABYTE AIVIA Osmium Gaming Keyboard Detailed

The next big-ticket unveiling by GIGABYTE is a new high-grade gaming keyboard under its AIVIA series, called Osmium. This one of the very few keyboards that come with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface. While we really can't imagine the keyboard needing the bandwidth that comes with USB 3.0, it's probably the increased power capacity (up to 900 mA) that the keyboard might need, for its power-hungry LED lighting and core-logic. Another possibility is that the keyboard features a USB 3.0 hub.

The AIVIA Osmium is a mechanical gaming keyboard, which is said to utilize the best switches out there, for gaming. The keyboard supports multiple simultaneous key-presses, which is important in gaming scenarios. Apart from a conventional QWERTY layout, the Osmium features several macro-keys, local storage for macro profiles, and quick cycling through macro-profiles. Two scroll-wheels give you analog control over illumination brightness, and volume. The keyboard is illuminated blue, and features a large palm-rest. More details are awaited.
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9 Comments on GIGABYTE AIVIA Osmium Gaming Keyboard Detailed

Hmmm...I am in the market for a new keyboard when I redo my rig in the next couple months.
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If power is a concern, they could use a split USB 2.0...
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Certainly looks good (although im soooooo sick of ffing blue leds).
Wonder what the price will be.
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Not gonna replace my Logitech Illuminated :D ah ah ah
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No way it replaces my Deck Legend. =)
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Or my Ducky Shine:D
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Or my Di... oh right, never mind, yeah?
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