Tuesday, May 1st 2012

SuperSSpeed GoldHyper ​​SLC SSDs Tested

While SSDs with single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash are relegated to enterprise segment owing to their high-cost and write endurance (unless they are low-capacity cache SSDs), one company made efforts to bring them to the PC enthusiast market. SupperSSpeed took advantage of the fact that SandForce SF-2281 supports SLC NAND flash, backed it up with Intel-made 25 nm SLC NAND flash memory, and made it available in capacities common in the PC segment: 60 GB and 120 GB. The 120 GB variant packs cutting-edge 128 Gbit SLC NAND flash chips, while the 60 GB variant packs more mature 64 Gbit ones. Thanks to SandForce and its overprovisioning mojo, the drives lack external DRAM caches. Expreview put the two drives through its battery of tests, and concluded that these are the best SSDs in terms of transfer speed yield, and random-access performance, not to mention that by design, these drives have higher write endurance.
More numbers follow.

Find even more performance numbers here.
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Looks a promising unit with enhanced endurance;) ....... any ideas of how much it's gonna cost?:rolleyes:
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the price is the selling point, i'd grab a 120GB if it was <$200 USD
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I would've preferred a marvell controller.
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Those numbers means nothing to me unless tested in a comparison environment...:twitch:
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