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AU Optronics to Exhibit a Diverse Array of Innovative Display Technology at CODE 2012

AU Optronics Corp. announced that it will participate in China Optoelectronics Display Expo & China International TV Festival 2012 (CODE & CTVF 2012) in Shenzhen from May 10-12 and showcase its varied combinations of innovative display technologies and interactive applications to offer high value-added customized solutions.

AUO's theme for the show this year is "Boundless Views, Lively Up Close", as illustrated by more advanced 3D functions, super narrow bezels, and next-generation technology integrations to deliver the ultimate viewing experience for consumers. The exhibition highlights include 50" Super Narrow Bezel 3D TV display, Pattern Retarder 3D TV displays featuring the all-new 39" and 50" in size, and 4K by 2K Ultra-High Resolution TV display. In terms of public information displays, AUO will demonstrate a 138" LED display wall assembled with AUO's 46" Super Narrow Bezel LED panels, boasting the world's narrowest bezel-to-bezel distance. The 65" Photo-Sensor In-cell Touch E-board and 50" FHD Transparent display with application on vending machine will also be on display. In addition, qHD Ultra-High Resolution AMOLED, Transparent AMOLED, and One-Glass-Solution (OGS) touch panels are being demonstrated to provide customers with the widest choices of high value-added display applications.

Super Narrow Bezel 3D TV Display to Enjoy"Boundless Views, Lively Up Close"
To offer the best 3D viewing experience possible, AUO continues to develop new product lines and will exhibit the all-new 50" FHD 3D TV display. The display applies the pattern retarder technology which simply requires the audience to put on a pair of lightweight pattern retarder glasses to enjoy 3D images of high quality and brightness. With super narrow bezel of 5mm on the side, viewers are presented with almost boundless 3D images that are spectacular and vivid to the eyes. As demands for interactive 3D media flourish, a play zone featuring mega-screen car racing game will also be at the show. Super narrow bezel 3D TV panels will be jointed to form an ultra-large display for gamers to indulge themselves in seemingly bezel-free 3D surroundings, making it the best choice for audio visual entertainment.

4K by 2K Ultra-High Resolution TV Display Makes Its Debut
In terms of ultra-high resolution display technology, AUO will exhibit for the first time 4K by 2K Ultra-High Resolution TV Display, featuring the 4K by 2K (or "quad-HD") resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 to offer the most detailed and delicate images possible.

Public Information Displays Showing a Variety of Value-added Applications
With innovation being the core value, AUO achieves full potential of its technological resources to develop all types of high value-added public information display applications. An example includes the 138" High Resolution Video Wall, which is assembled by nine 46" high resolution super narrow bezel panels. Their bezel-to-bezel distance of 5mm is currently the world's narrowest(*). The video wall's full HD image quality and lightweight LED backlight design are extremely fit for use at shopping malls, airports, stations, etc.

Another highlight of the show includes the 50" FHD Transparent display applied on a vending machine, whose features include high transparency and high color saturation. The transparency could be adjusted depending on the kind of products on display, making the images all the more clear, vivid and colorful for the eyes. The display could be applied also on buildings, car windows, home appliances, and shop windows. It is one of the finest examples of innovative display technology leading the trend for showcase display.

For the educational and training sector, new applications have also been developed by AUO. The 65" Photo-Sensor In-cell Touch E-board has its photo sensor made directly on the TFT array. The in-cell touch design supports red, blue and green multi-touch optical pens to identify different users. It also comes with an electronic eraser, making it a very user-friendly E-board. In the future, teaching will be presented by multi-media that are even more lively and interesting. Learning will be full of fun.

AMOLED with High Brightness and Extreme Slim Design
AUO is dedicated continuously to the enhancement of its technologies. The effort is also demonstrated in its light, slim, power-saving, and extremely bright OLED applications. Touch functions and transparent features are also incorporated to develop the next-generation AMOLED displays. An exhibit includes the slim and light 4.3" qHD high resolution AMOLED display with 257 PPI, low power consumption and real colors. It has managed to resolve the saw-like edges found in the images of AMOLED displays in prior times. The 6" Transparent AMOLED with a transparency of over 35% has a high light transmission that is especially ideal for smartphones and car displays.

In addition, the 4.29" qHD Hyper LCD for smartphones and a series of One-Glass-Solution (OGS) touch panels will also be on display at CODE 2012. Dr. Fang-Chen Luo, AUO's VP and CIPO, will also make a presentation titled "The Trends of Development in Display Technologies" at 2012 China FPD Academic Meeting.
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