Tuesday, May 15th 2012

Sony Announces New VAIO E Series 15 and E Series 17 Models

The easy-to-use family of E Series VAIO notebook PCs from Sony expands this summer. The recently-announced VAIO E Series 14P is now joined by larger screen models of 39.5 cm (15.5") and 43.8 cm (17.3") to broaden your choice of friendly HD entertainment options.

Sporting a signature 'wrap-around' design with softly rounded corners, VAIO E Series is ideal for families, students and anyone who wants to enjoy fuss-free multimedia computing.

VAIO E Series 15 teams fresh, individual looks with everything you need for everyday tasks. With Intel processors, generous storage, smooth graphics and clear, high-contrast 39.5 cm (15.5") VAIO Display, there's all the power you need to breeze through the day.

Boasting a 43.8 cm (17.3") VAIO Display Plus Full HD on selected models, VAIO E Series 17 gives you extra screen space to enjoy movies on Blu-ray Disc (on selected models), edit photos or play games.

Need a break? There's no need to shut down or hibernate. Just close the lid and VAIO E Series goes into an ultra-low power deep sleep, keeping your data safe for up to ten days. When you're ready to resume, simply open the lid. Rapid Wake + Eco ensures you’re up and running in moments, with all your files just as you left them.

It's easy to navigate through documents and media files with the large, button-free touchpad. Selected models also feature a backlit keyboard for comfortable typing when the lights are dim. Video chats are clearer and crisper with the built-in HD web camera powered by 'Exmor for PC' that ensures sharper details, higher contrast and rich colours. Movies and games sound rich and natural, thanks to xLOUD and Clear Phase technologies that boost speaker volume levels without distortion.

VAIO even makes a handy 'any time' charger for your smartphone. Just plug in your phone via USB for a handy top-up - even when the computer is switched off or in sleep mode.

New VAIO E Series 15 and 17 is available in a choice of white, black or (E Series 15 only) silver colour finishes. Configure your PC to order at Sony Store Online, together with a range of coordinated accessories for your VAIO.
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This new design looks allot better than their previous generation that had the diamond cut design on it. I personally though it looked too girly; this however is a step in the right direction.
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