Friday, May 18th 2012

Intel Desktop Board Extreme Series DZ77RE-75K Pictured

Intel is ready to top off its Desktop Board Extreme Series 7-series "Panther Point" lineup with the DZ77RE-75K. Its most characteristic feature is Thunderbolt I/O. Along with a handful other high-end socket LGA1155 motherboards featuring the 10 Gb/s interconnect, the DZ77RE-75K will be launched early next week.

To a very large extant, the DZ77RE-75K resembles the DZ77GA-70K, which Intel topped its Desktop Board "Panther Point" lineup with. In fact, the two share the same PCB design. The only distinguishing feature of the DZ77RE-75K is the presence of a mini-DisplayPort+Thunderbolt connector, and a DSL3310 Thunderbolt controller driving it, in tandem with Intel FDI. The DSL3310, unfortunately, is a slim variant in Intel's Thunderbolt controller lineup, and only takes advantage of PCI-Express 2.0 x2, so Thunderbolt might not perform to its fullest.

Source: VR-Zone
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Looks pretty good for an Intel board.

Unfortunately Intel boards are not available out these ways.
Only well known and cheap/well known.
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better they should spare more time to fix them ivy CPU's
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