Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Silicon Power Shows off XPower DDR3 Overclocking Memory

Silicon Power showed off its newest line of DDR3 modules for overclocking, named XPower. The modules will ship with high clock-speed XMP profiles (≥1866 MHz). The one pictured below does DDR3-2400 MHz. Available in module densities of 4 GB and 8 GB, the XPower modules with make up single-module, dual-channel, triple-channel, and quad-channel kits. Seeing as how these modules are also available in triple-channel kits, it's likely that some, if not all, support older versions of Intel XMP, for compatibility with older platforms (eg: triple-channel Nehalem and Westmere supporting XMP 1.2). Key selling features here are thoroughly tested modules, and chunky aluminum heatsinks.
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2 Comments on Silicon Power Shows off XPower DDR3 Overclocking Memory

I use RAM from this manufacturer in my system
3 x 4gb modules rated at 1333
It goes higher and the timings go tighter without much voltage
I trust silicon power products and will maybe try this premium RAM if it hits the Australian market.
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good, more competition on high-end modules is always welcome
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