Tuesday, June 19th 2012

Doom 3 BFG Releases October 16th

The enhanced re-release of Doom 3 is coming just in time for Halloween, publisher Bethesda Softworks has announced. The "BFG Edition" of id's classic FPS will be available on October 16 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The console versions will retail for $40, while the PC version will be $30. BFG adds Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, and "The Lost Mission"--all optimized in 3D, 5.1 surround sound, achievements, improved rendering and lighting, and a new checkpoint save system. There's also an armor-mounted flashlight, "allowing players to illuminate dark corners and blast enemies at the same time."

The BFG Edition also includes the original Doom and Doom 2, making it the "definitive collection" for the series. Perhaps after this release, id will be a bit more forthcoming about Doom 4.
Source: Shacknews
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Semi-Retired Folder
tacosRcool said:
Now was it a partially finished game when it released? No it wasn't. Did they give the support many people wanted? No they didn't. So why are you still complaining? That was almost 8 years ago and if they want to release it with some fixes that they never did in the first place then so be it. Updated graphics, get the expansion, and some new content is being released for a meager $30. I could understand your rage if it was like a couple of years after the game came out then yes but its 8 years later.

Also the game wasn't even scary for that matter. I was yawning throughout most of the game and then I stopped playing, never to return
Yes, it was an unfinished game. It was buggy, it was missing features, and the developers totally didn't care.

And yes, you are right, it is 8 years later, and those of us that supported their disappointment of a buggy game from day 1 get shafted and have to pay another $30 for things that should have been in the game 8 years ago. No thanks.
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Wow....this is such a bad move for that price point. If it was $20 then i would be willing to get it but no more than that. I think they are asking too much when you can do the same with the original game and mods. (here is to hoping that they dont start taking them down so they can force you to buy the new one)
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sixor said:
just wanted to let you know quake1 and doom1 have mods to be played using doom3 engine
Really??! You mean Doom 3 has some quake and doom 1 mods?
Do you have a link of that??
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The Exiled Airman
Skip- this game was boring first time around for me.
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