Friday, June 22nd 2012

ZOTAC Gives GeForce GTX 670 Extreme Edition Treatment

ZOTAC seems to have a 2-pronged approach to the GeForce GTX 670, depending on the region it's being sold in. While it took advantage of the compact reference PCB by NVIDIA to come up with the space-saving GTX 670 TwinCooler (ZTGTX670-2GD5TCR001), it did the exact with the GTX 670 Extreme Edition. The card is based on the same exact design as the GTX 680 Extreme Edition, down to its lavish voltage regulation circuitry, with just the GTX 670 ASIC taking the place of the GTX 680.

The card ships with out of the box clock speeds of 1111 MHz (GPU base), 1202 MHz (GPU Boost), and 1652 MHz (memory actual), or 6.60 GHz (memory effective). It draws power from 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connectors, and conditions power using a 13-phase VRM that consists of noise-free chokes and PowIRstage DrMOS chips by International Rectifier. Power is further conditioned by a trio of multi-phase FPCAPs, and tantalum capacitors. Like the GTX 680 Extreme Edition, the card features the entire overclocker-friendly feature-set, including OC+ Module, dual-BIOS with LN2-friendly BIOS, voltage measurement points, temperature and phase loading LEDs.
Cooling the beast is the same swanky cooling solution as the one found on the GTX 680 Extreme Edition. Staying within the confines of 2 expansion slots, the cooler packs a large aluminum fin heatsink that spans the entire length of the card, which uses five 8 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes that draw heat from the copper GPU base, to the aluminum fin stack. The heatsink is then ventilated by a pair of 92 mm fans.

According to numbers by Expreview, the ZOTAC GTX 670 Extreme Edition outperforms stock GeForce GTX 680. The reviewer was able to overclock the GPU offset to 1403 MHz (1300/1403) with a core voltage of 1.25V, and memory speed of 1850 MHz (7.40 GHz effective), with the stock air cooling, and score P9247 points in 3DMark 11 (performance preset).

ZOTAC GTX 670 Extreme Edition is exclusive for select markets in Asia. The rest of the world should make do with the GTX 670 AMP! Edition. Source: Expreview
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21 Comments on ZOTAC Gives GeForce GTX 670 Extreme Edition Treatment

Rahmat Sofyan
Wauhhh the best GTX 670 card so far, nice design and theme..I love it, good job zotac!
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
That card is ridiculously oversized, but I'd be lying if i said I didn't want one(or three)
Voltage measure points, beefed up VRM section, and nice cooler, this'll be one mean overclocker.
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Sounds like a beast, but we need a proper TPU review! :D
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News Editor
this is the high end card to buy
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Crap Daddy
ZOTAC GTX 670 Extreme Edition is exclusive for select markets in Asia
Sad for us living in other parts of the world.
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Looks like they are recycling the copper base from older cards XD
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Lets get a Zotac Xtreme vs Asus Cu2 war going.
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this is why I love GTX 670 so much...heheh :D

btw...where I can get that Zotac Firestorm??
thought it will usefull for my Zotac 560 Ti
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Were they trying to cook something on the back of the heatsink? That looks terrible....:shadedshu
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Why only in select Asian markets?!!?
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2 MANY 111111111111111's
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Hilux SSRG
That card is swanky! 1403 MHz / 7.40 GHz is impressive but I think there is still more headroom for air cooling.
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Steven B
THey are using IR3553 i believe, 40A powerstages! Hell ya! BTW PowIRstages are technically not DrMOS.
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the looks is wow.. i hope the performance is outstanding too
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Steven B
i agree i think it looks freaking awesome.
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ensabrenoir video ....power tool. If you put one in a tool would look right at home. certainly a great time to be doing a new build.
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Just hope this thing doesn't costs more than GTX 680s...
Which kind of defeats the purpose.

Edit: Yup it basically cost as much as a reference GTX 680 in China :respect:
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looks nice, but come on guys, its zotac. i dont really trust them. they are not exactly know for their quality.
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looks nice, but come on guys, its zotac. i dont really trust them. they are not exactly know for their quality.
My Zotac 9800 is holding up fine. You realise they're the same people as Sapphire?
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We've got a Zotac hater.

I'd still buy the Asus one first. 25db... :pimp: But 1400 on the core is insane.
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Looking good. But I'd rather get a vanilla GTX680 for the price
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