Friday, July 13th 2012

NVIDIA Forums Hacked

On Thursday, NVIDIA announced suspension of its user forums (, responding to "suspicious" activity. In other words, NVIDIA forums has been compromised (hacked), and that the hackers have managed to steal user data such as username, password (hashed, including random salt value), e-mail address, and "About Me" profile information. NVIDIA is working to restore the forums as soon as possible, when users will be able to (forced to, rather) change their passwords. In the mean time, NVIDIA strongly recommended users with identical username/password combinations on other websites to change their passwords. Changing the email address bound to the forum account could be a good idea, too. Our refugee camp is up and running.

Source: NVIDIA
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At least they used salted hashes for the passwords.
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they ran a very very outdated version of IPB.... tsk tsk.... that should have been updated and kept secure like any other part of the server.

inb4 the ppl that go "what about forum mods??" they didn't use any that would be affected by version updates. and you can calk it up to lazy ass addon devs.

also nvidia should have the resources to keep thier server software up to date. they aren't a mom and pop company or an independant community... they have a whole team dedicated and well funded. I've seen little forums keep thier server software up to date way faster with less.... so that's inexcusable as well.
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