Friday, July 13th 2012

Icy Dock Announces MB994IPO-3SB Dual 2.5-inch + Slimline ODD Enclosure

Introducing the MB994IPO-3SB, a full metal dual bay 2.5" SATA/SAS hard drive / SSD mobile rack backplane designed with a Slim Optical Disk Drive (ODD) slot for use in a single 5.25" device bay. It's a perfect device designed for small form factor system or server such as: IPC, HTPC, NAS, Home Servers and All-In-One computers. Dual 4-pin power connectors are used to ensure secured and consistent power supply to both drives and ODD, whether they are low power consumption 2.5" SATA SSD's or power hungry 15000 RPM 2.5" SAS drives. Also included is a single 40mm cooling fan with on & off switch to assist the drives running at their optimal temperatures, in even the most intense applications.
Versatility is the Key
The MB994IPO-3SB separates itself from the rest of the MB994 series by the unique Slim Optical Disk Drive slot that is available. The Slim ODD slot uses our EZ-ODD Tray made of full metal, and is easily removable by use of the provided key or via a side latch. This allows system integrators more freedom to better meet their potential client's needs.
The MB994IPO-3SB utilizes our EZ Slide Mini Trays, making drive interchangeability and maintenance completely hassle free. The trays are built using full metal so that they are durable for many lifetimes, while will not weigh you down when transporting your data from system to system. Also featuring a full cage design, the added top drive cover provides added layer of protection while moving the drive. The trays are designed to accommodate 9.5mm, 12.5mm & 15mm drives, giving you excellent control of your 2.5" hot swap backplane.

Fan control further allows the potential system to be accommodated properly depending on the hard drives used. If a SSD is used, fan can be left off and shut off the noise completely from the MB994IPO-3SB. Otherwise, the fan is a great asset to assist in cooling mission critical hard drives.

Excellent Build Quality
The MB994IPO-3SB body is built with aluminum to be able to hold up in the toughest of conditions, provide excellent heat dissipation, and shave as much weight as possible. Included ventilation slots on the front and back for maximum airflow to keep your drives running cool, and an LED is placed on the front of each drive tray to give the user drive status at all times.

In the Smallest Package Possible
Utilizing its small form factor, the MB994IPO-3S is perfect for use in gaming PCs, HTPC, small form factor cases with limited 5.25" expansion bays, or a Slim ODD and hard drives are needed. SMB's, SI and power users all benefit from the most features, in the smallest form factor possible.

Key Features:
  • Fits 2 x 2.5" SATA/SAS hard drive or SSD & 1 x slim optical disk drive (ODD).
  • Accommodates hard drives or SSD with up to 15mm Height.
  • Supports SATA III & SAS 2.0 interface.
  • Full aluminum body construction.
  • Full Metal EZ Slide Mini Tray & EZ-ODD Tray system with Full Cage Design.
  • 2 x 4 pin power connector to properly power all components.
  • Available 40mm cooling fan.
  • On & off switch for cooling fan, reduce the power usage and fan noise when using SSD.
  • Status LED on Front for each drive.
  • Top cover for the tray adds extra drive/ODD protection.
  • Perfect for SFF (small form factor) case, IPC, HTPC, NAS, Home Server and All-In-One computers.
  • Active Power Technology - Device & fan only powers up if a drive is installed.
For more information, visit the product page.
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14 Comments on Icy Dock Announces MB994IPO-3SB Dual 2.5-inch + Slimline ODD Enclosure

What a flippin monkey shame its only DVD-ROM and not even a burner!
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Black Hades
It's an enclosure, you could fit in there a top of the line Bluray ODD if you had one.

Also with my next 2xSSD purchase I'm buying one of these asap and hellooo raid 0
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I like that. A lot.
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Looks (and hopefully is) sturdy.
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Perfect for my future BitFenix Prodigy build.
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I'll take two please... One for Windows, one for Linux. :D
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been waiting for a decent bay like this. yea there are others but this one seems to be the best ive seen
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Semi-Retired Folder
Why 2 SATA/SAS ports for each drive? That seems odd to me.
What a flippin monkey shame its only DVD-ROM and not even a burner!
You can put whatever type of drive in it you want. It is just an enclosure, you put the drives in it.
been waiting for a decent bay like this. yea there are others but this one seems to be the best ive seen
Me too, this is perfect for mITX builds.
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^ If you want to dual port SAS drives.
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now if they can make one with no optical 4x drive slots, it would free up a lot of room in my rig for WCing hardware.
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Oh that is exactly what I have been looking for, for months!
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