Tuesday, August 28th 2012

Sharkoon 3-in-1 QuickPort with eSATA, USB3.0 Now Comes with FireWire

Sharkoon is expanding their range of "QuickPort" docking stations: The Sharkoon SATA QuickPort U3 FireWire is a true all-round talent in terms of fast data transfer and connectivity diversity. The hard drive adapter not only supports the eponymous FireWire standard, but with USB3.0 and eSATA also two other external interface standards. With the additional FireWire port Sharkoon now especially appeals to the Mac community, since their Apple devices primarily use a FireWire interface.

The new QuickPort model also provides three IEEE-1394 ports: one for the older 1394a standard (FireWire 400) and two for the faster 1394b standard (FireWire 800). The appropriate connection cables for all available ports are enclosed. The internal SATA interface supports the SATA standards 1.5 Gb/s to 6 Gb/s.
Sharkoon's QuickPort models connect external SATA hard drives quickly and easily to a PC or Notebook. The stable and handy table adapter offers a vertical slot for SATA hard drives in 2.5 and 3.5 inch format. There is also room for 2.5 inch SSDs. The disk is simply inserted with the computer immediately recognizing it as a drive. The QuickPort is equipped with a practical eject button, an on/off switch and LEDs indicating power and hard drive activity; it also measures 130 x 70 x 95 mm and weighs 550 grams. In addition to the connection cables, a power supply and instruction manual are included.

End customers will find the Sharkoon SATA QuickPort U3 FireWire available for the suggested retail price of 64.90 euros in authorized retailers.
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3 Comments on Sharkoon 3-in-1 QuickPort with eSATA, USB3.0 Now Comes with FireWire

Velvet Wafer
i thought Firewire was dead? it should be, with all the modern standards around, at least :laugh:
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Nope, Chuck Testa.
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Why don't they throw in thunderbolt, LAN, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity in there too. :laugh:

I'm assuming Firewire is there to grab some of the crApple market segment.
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