Thursday, August 30th 2012

Core i3 "Ivy Bridge" Desktop CPUs Up For Pre-Order

Intel's new entry-mainstream line of client processors, the Core i3-3000 series, is inching toward a Q3-2012 launch. The new chips are based on the company's 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" silicon. Ukranian retailer listed two of the first five Core i3-3000 series models for pre-order. These include the Core i3-3240 and Core i3-3220. The Core i3-3240 is clocked at 3.40 GHz, while the i3-3220 runs at 3.30 GHz. The two are socket LGA1155 dual-core processors featuring 3 MB of L3 cache. When launched, the i3-3240 will sell for around US $147, while the i3-3220 will sell for US $125.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine
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5 Comments on Core i3 "Ivy Bridge" Desktop CPUs Up For Pre-Order

Also already in sell in israel, for about 2 weeks now actually
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Actually there are few retailers in Kiev selling Core i3-3xxx. is ukrainian price comparison service, not retailer. Some of Intel dual-cores are also available in Germany and China.
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hope these are out soon i was going to be doing a i3 build for someone any way i3 2120. the i3 3220 will do just fine.
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