Sunday, September 2nd 2012

AeroCool Readies Mechatron Black Edition Chassis

AeroCool's fourth addition to its PC case lineup this fall is the Mechatron Black Edition, following the XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Edition, and Strike-X Air. Part of the PGS B (performance gaming series black) line of cases, the Mechatron Black Edition is an ATX mid-tower with all-black interiors and mostly-black transformer-esque exteriors. 0.6 mm-thick SECC steel makes up its frame and most of its panels. Internally, the case is spacious enough for CPU coolers 175 mm tall, and video cards 330 mm long.

The Mechatron Black Edition is one of the very few cases with 2.5-inch drive bays that are not adopted from 3.5-inch ones. The case features three 2.5-inch internal bays, four 3.5-inch bays, and three 5.25-inch bays. The motherboard tray features valved cutouts for cabling, and a large cutout around the CPU and memory areas. The bottom-mounted PSU tray is designed for extra-long PSUs, with dust filters.
Ventilation includes provisions for two 140 mm or one 200 mm fan, two 140 mm or one 200 mm fan on top, two 140 mm or one 200 mm on the side-panel, and one 120 mm on the rear. AeroCool includes a 200 mm front intake fan, two red LED-lit 120 mm side-panel fans, and a 120 mm rear fan. The case includes holes for liquid cooling tubing and vibration-dampening padding at the PSU area. The front-panel includes USB 3.0 front-panel ports (standard header). The case measures 534mm (D) x 226mm (W) x 502mm (H), the Mechatron Black Edition weighs.
AeroCool plans to have the Mechatron Black Edition available by early-October.
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Although the front looks like that, at least it's still in black, so it's not that noticeable.
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The Knife in your Back
Painted inside, good cable management, if the price is right I think it should be a winner. It's a bit extreme on the design, I like the front for the most part, not a huge fan of the side window/panel. But overall I think a good looking case, just a bit on the extreme side.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Looks like a cross between an Antec 100/Darkfleet and a HAF X
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Available for pre-order in Ukraine at approx. $107. So normal price could be $90-100.
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