Monday, September 3rd 2012

TechPowerUp & PowerColor "Pimp my Rig" 2012 - Details and Goodies for our Readers

TechPowerUp and PowerColor get together once again to bring you "Pimp my Rig" Contest 2012. Pimp my Rig is our undying quest for the fastest slowest rig on the planet, which will be pimped up with some rad new hardware courtesy of PowerColor, AMD, ASRock, and Cooler Master. The contest is divided into two rounds, 1 and 2. Winners of the first round, who qualify for the second round, stand to win prizes including Cooler Master HAF-XM chassis, CM Storm QuickFire Rapid keyboard, CM Storm Sentinel Adv. II mouse, AMD FX-8150 eight-core processor, and ASRock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard. The winner of the second and final round stands to win the grand prize - a PowerColor Radeon HD 7990 Devil13 dual-GPU graphics card. Contest rules and fine-print can be found in the link below. Good hunting!

More information and to participate - TechPowerUp and PowerColor Pimp my Rig 2012
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65 Comments on TechPowerUp & PowerColor "Pimp my Rig" 2012 - Details and Goodies for our Readers

Rig is set up already, lets see I can go below 5. Last year I managed a 5.
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so any computer is welcome to do it?
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*edit, My bad I just realised you can't post your options on here
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Kalevalen said:
Thats what the hell I'm saying I won't win. like highlander there can only be one winner no ties here.
so yes like the lotto I won't win, i bet someone already sent in a verified 1 score before i even woke up and read this
Guys.. getting the score of 1 is not easy. SO don't assume there's a 1 already. Plus if there's a 1 I'm sure they will post it here since it is first come first serve. Eg first submission wins.
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man...I really hate loosers mentality. first of all its to assume, everything is lost then complainings follow as it was ment to be...
either do something or zip It. if you dont plan to succed/win you plan to fail/loose.
no offence or bad feelings towards any member of this community, guys keep your act together,please, seriously
do you wanna win?do you want to participate, do you want to prove yourself or your skills or do you come here to complain????
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hmm, think i've got an old nvidia mx440 out theres somewhere? lol...
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
Isnt there a 3rd party app that purposely slows down your pc?
Norton AV
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I just got a clarification from PowerColor regarding the rules. No notebooks of any kind are allowed. No exceptions for MXM

Also the best score so far is not 1 so you still have chance
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Just scored 13..

Almost there.
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i tryd to do ray tracing in the background while running 3dmark03 looks like cpu does not effect it niether does furmark so im thinkin abouth rendering heavy gpu models above 6 millions polygons at once
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It is too bad no notebooks are allowed. I only have one desktop with 3Dfx VooDoo 5 5500 AGP, but that is not support DirectX 9 effects for 3DMark03.
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Krazy Owl
If it's an integrated graphic card with Dx9 is it considered as a stand alone card?
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Krazy Owl said:
If it's an integrated graphic card with Dx9 is it considered as a stand alone card?
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Krazy Owl
Then I'm screwed I don't have any standalone card. Ok i'm out.
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