Wednesday, September 5th 2012

CM Storm Ceres-400 Gaming Headset Generally Available

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, today sees the release of the new CM Storm gaming headset that is focused on a pure audio experience, the Ceres-400.

Large 40mm drivers sit behind the booming power of the Ceres-400. Delve into your games, music, movies, and even internet calls with absolute clarity. Oversized and breathable 90mm ear pads provide an extremely comfortable cushion for long-term audio enjoyment. Heighten this comfort by adjusting the headband to one of its many sizing positions to obtain the perfect fit.
Engineered to provide a comfortable and stylish audio experience, Ceres-400 makes the perfect companion for any user. Function lends itself to its desirable form in that an in-line remote control provides immediate access to crucial volume control and microphone mute functions. Make split second decisions with confidence through its attached noise-cancelling microphone that helps eliminate unwanted background sounds.

Ceres-400, the choices for gamers that need the adrenaline rush and quality of the professional gaming arena contained in a competitively priced package.

Ceres-400 will be available 5 September 2012. Price and availability may vary by region. Expected M.S.R.P in Europe without VAT 33,60€.
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5 Comments on CM Storm Ceres-400 Gaming Headset Generally Available

Not to bad looking. They don't don't look all weird or complex. Just some simple headphones that your not gonna see when wearing them lol.

I'm guessing these are just stereo mode and not 5/7.1 for gaming?
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Even so, I prefer stereo over virtual surround. I like it since it sounds clearer to me without fade in/out effects to simulate surround sound. It just has not been fully finished.

I really think that many parts of the market, such as headsets, should remain simple and straightforward.
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They make good stuff. Using a Storm Sirus atm and was shocked how much I was missing.

That 400 looks a bit cheaper made. But those are the same ear cushions my Sirus uses. They should just pop off and you can use others that fit. Which isn't a bad idea. The mesh gets a bit sweaty.
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I prefer stereo also in headsets. I don't see how surround works where the speakers are all the same distance and not an the actual angles they are. I don't game with a headset. Love my booming surround. I mainly use the headset for teamspeak and that it.
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