Monday, September 10th 2012

Zalman Also Announces Z5 and Z5 Plus ATX Mid-Tower Cases

Apart from the ZM-LE value PSUs, Zalman also introduced the Z5 and Z5 Plus cases. The two ATX mid-tower cases share a common design, with the exception of the Z5 Plus featuring a few extras. The Z5 series features an angled polygon shape which has been the rage for some time now. It features all-black exteriors and interiors, with matte finish. Made of SECC steel, it measures 205 x 460 x 490 mm (WxHxD). The motherboard tray is spacious enough to support graphics cards as long as 33 cm. Drive bays include three external 5.25-inch, one external 3.5-inch, three 3.5-inch, and two 2.5-inch. The case features 7 expansion slots.

Ventilation loadout for both the Z5 and Z5 Plus is common, with one 120 mm front intake, one 120 mm top exhaust, and one 120 mm rear exhaust. The Z5 features front and rear fans, while the Z5 Plus also includes a top fan. The Z5 Plus also includes a 2-channel fan controller. Other exclusives with the Z5 Plus include an acrylic window and USB 3.0 front-panel port. The motherboard tray features a cutout behind the CPU socket area, while the rear portion features valved inlets for liquid cooling tubing. The Z5 from Zalman is priced at US $67, while the Z5 Plus goes for just $3 more, at $70.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine
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4 Comments on Zalman Also Announces Z5 and Z5 Plus ATX Mid-Tower Cases

Looks like a rough pre-released version of the nzxt phantom. Gotta admit though .... i like zalman's products. What was that all metal uber case of theirs a few years back.......they need to do an update of that.
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Aside from the cheesy tagline, I like it...Looks sorta industrial.
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way to go Zalman design team......i like it
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Only $3 more and you get a lot of features? Kinda pointless making the cheaper one then. :/
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