Friday, September 21st 2012

MSI Announces Upgraded GE60 and GE70 Gaming Notebooks

This year, MSI's GE70 and GE60 are at the center of serious conversations among serious players about serious gaming laptops. To meet your need for speed, MSI continues to roll out gaming notebooks with ever more impressive performance to price ratios.

The powerful upgraded GE70 and GE60 pack the 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor and the robust new Nvidia GTX 660M discrete graphics chip. They boast 3D game performance ratings that outstrip the previous generation GTX 560M and the earlier GT 650M by more than 15%. The blazing Killer Gaming Networking chip, SteelSeries professional gaming keyboard, quad-driver stereo wrap-around sound, Audio Boost headset sound enhancement technology, the snazzy exterior, and the unbelievably clear multimedia reproduction come together perfectly, putting the competition to shame.

Just after MSI gaming notebooks walked away with the Best Choice Award, Media's Choice Award, and Buyer's Choice Award at the Taipei 2012 Computex, MSI's innovative and driven design team unveiled the GE70 and GE60. Under the hood, they feature Intel's upgraded 3rd gen quad core processor and Nvidia's latest GeForce GTX 660M discrete graphics card and they come with a full HD matte screen to optimize picture enjoyment and gaming performance. The GE70/60 are the first laptops to come with the ultrafast Killer Gaming Networking chip, dramatically bolstering the quality of Internet data transfer and reducing the latency value of online games. Now, running circles around your enemy and mopping up the floor with said enemy are no longer just fantasies. So whether you're laying siege to a castle or duking it out with orcs, the online games you play will be smoother and you'll be more victorious as you wield this weapon of professionals into battle.

The Nvidia GTX660M brings gaming to life
The upgraded GE70 and GE60 boast Nvidia's newest Geforce GTX 660M graphics chip with 384 CUDA cores and 2 GB of DDR5 graphics memory. They racked up over P11,500 points on the world-renowned 3D Mark Vantage. These machines are guaranteed to keep you riveted. The new Kepler production process allows the DirectX 11 to reach peak performance for a much smoother game and better visuals and works together with the full HD 1080P screen to provide you with such incredibly crisp details that you'll find yourself totally engrossed in your movie or game.

All top-of-line equipment in one package
Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, pointed out that the upgraded GE60 and GE70 feature the upgraded 3D discrete graphics card and the hot new ultra-high speed solid state hard drive with mSATA interface comes optional to give the system read/write speeds in excess of 450 MB/s. MSI gaming notebooks are the top choice for top gamers around the world (Top player, top choice!). What's more, the Steelseries keyboard, designed specifically for the professional gamer in mind, offers better feel and durability than any other keyboard on any other type of laptop out there. These laptops offer a wide range of other envelope-pushing features, including the high-speed Killer Gaming Networking chip and Audio Boost headset sound enhancement technology, at a reasonable price, making these dream machines for the extreme gamer.

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