Monday, October 1st 2012

ASUS Readies GeForce GTX 650 Ti DualFan

ASUS is working on a new graphics card based on the upcoming GeForce GTX 650 Ti GPU, augmented with a non-reference design cooling solution. ASUS refers to it as "dual-fan," stopping short of calling it "DirectCU II." One can infer that the cooler could look very similar to dual-slot DirectCU II featured on GTX 660 DirectCU II, with the exclusion of direct-contact heat pipes. The new cooler, according to leaked marketing material will be 11% quieter, and run the GPU 14% cooler than NVIDIA reference cooler. The new marketing materials confirm specifications revealed by an older leak. The GPU is clocked at 980 MHz, with 1350 MHz memory (5.40 GHz GDDR5-effective), with 576 CUDA cores, and 1 GB of memory across a 128-bit wide interface. The GeForce GTX 650 Ti is expected to be priced around US $149, and is slated for October 9.

Source: VideoCardz
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7 Comments on ASUS Readies GeForce GTX 650 Ti DualFan

Seems like over kill to me but to each their own.
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tacosRcool said:
awwwww no picture....
On the box
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They're GT 650's in my eye. GTX 650 Ti??? really?? load of crap from NV with the GTX and Ti model names for a mid/low end card.
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Asus.... How do we make the facade that these worth some money? Slap on a dual fan and hardly run either and tout that it's quite.

There were only a few GTX550 that had dual fans and anything other than extruded aluminum radial cooler an those had like a 116 TDP. Here’s a card that is said to be a 85 TDP and they give it dual fans? I'll bet it that's the same extruded aluminum block cooler found on their HD7770-2GD5 (80 TDP).

At least with that 7770 there might be some OC'n headroom, because if this with an entire GPC gelded is anything like the GTX660 (GK-106 Core) OC'n wasn’t it’s strong suite. I suppose they set clock artificially low just to make it appear like something.
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It's 768 CUDA cores and 16 ROPS, not 576. Its GK106 core not 107, which makes me wonder if calling it a 650Ti is really smart as it has virtually nothing to do with the 650.
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