Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

In Win Announces the Commander III Power Supplies

In Win Development Inc., a leading innovator in high-performance PC hardware and multiple winner of the internationally renowned Red-Dot Design Award, has today launched its third generation of high wattage power supply series, the Commander III.

The military design for enthusiast PC gamers has evolved into its new 'Desert Fox' style, which aims to further evolve the appeal and success of the Commander series PSU. The new Commander III is 100% proudly designed and built by In Win in-house, with industry leading power topologies and quality control.

The 80Plus Gold efficiency rating is an independent industry certification; and its extensive 5 year warranty is backed by premium components such as its 105ºC Japanese Bulk Capacitors and 3oz copper PCB. Together these show In Win's absolute commitment to quality and reliability.

With four, independent 12V power rails, its modularlized cable management system supports both NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX configurations up to the very latest 28 nm generation graphics cards and beyond. The large, single 135 mm dual-ball bearing fan is not only highly reliable but extremely efficient in its noise to cooling ratio too. The combination of ultra-high efficiency and direct, large area cooling means the fan can run truly silently and still keep the internal hardware cool.

In addition to its gaming credentials, the Commander III strictly adheres to the latest ATX 12V 2.31/EPS 12V 2.92 specifications and also ErP Lot 6 compliance while offering an MTBF of over 120k hours, making it suitable for the 24/7 demands of multi-core and multi-socket servers and workstations as well.
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4 Comments on In Win Announces the Commander III Power Supplies

Cool - I like the color - now we only need a review from crmaris to see if it is the quality it claims....
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H@rdstuff, let's wairt until we know what OEM made the thing ;) CRmaris and JohnnyGuru FTW.
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Chevalr1c said:
H@rdstuff, let's wairt until we know what OEM made the thing ;) CRmaris and JohnnyGuru FTW.
I will not wait for a review nor should anyone waste their time on this garbage any company that will sell you a PSU where the 12v rail droops to 11.37 on a regular basis, is garbage.
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