Tuesday, November 13th 2012

Antec Unveils ISK-110 VESA Mini-ITX Case

Antec unveiled the ISK-110 VESA, a compact mini-ITX which features VESA display mounts, which can let you latch it onto your monitors to tuck it away, saving space. Measuring 78 x 212 x 222 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 990 g, the case packs just enough room for a standard mini-ITX motherboard, two 2.5-inch SATA drives (HDDs or SSDs), and basic front-panel connectivity that includes four USB 2.0 ports. A 90W power brick is included, leaving you with very limited choices when it comes to the motherboard. You can either opt for Intel Atom, AMD E-Series, VIA Nano/Quad-Core, or socketed motherboards paired with extremely low-TDP processors. The case is made of 0.8 mm-thick steel sheets. Backed by 3-year warranty, the case is expected to be priced around US $125.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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Now if only they had included room for a LP video card then they would have me sold, so I could make it my LAN rig.
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Erhmem, you're forgetting FM2, A10-5700. In fact this is the only situation that I'd use FM2 in. That's actually a decent psu; you can push it pretty far.

Also this has been for sale on newegg for 3 months at $85. Are you sure they just announced it? Because that would be fucking retarded.
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Don't agree that your CPU choices are "very limited" with the included power supply. There are plenty of CPUs that will run just fine in 90w with a mobo and single SSD.
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PSU generates lot of RF interference. I should be shielded.
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Currently OOS @ Newegg in case anyone is looking at it like I am. Also shows $5.99 shipping, didn't see free Shoprunner.
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LAN_deRf_HA said:
Also this has been for sale on newegg for 3 months at $85. Are you sure they just announced it? Because that would be fucking retarded.
Had this case, same model number. At the time I bought it, it wasn't listed on Antec's site. It is now.

Power supply didn't work.

Tried RMA through Antec first. After 2 days of waiting for them to reply, I went to Newegg to get an exchange. They said they could only do a return at that point because they stopped stocking that model.

Literally 3 full days later, after having shipped off the case, I got a reply from Antec, asking if I verified the motherboard worked.

This case looks exactly the same as the one I had. Same model number, same power supply.
One thing I can say is that the hard drive placement and the overall design is amazing, it's a really good and solid case, and the top grill is raised so it fits full-sized intel coolers. Only problem is that the front usb port box thing got in the way of the motherboard, took lots of frustration getting it to fit.

EDIT: Oh, and the motherboard is happily sitting in a mini-itx case that's slightly taller than this, because it has room for a laptop dvd-drive. In it are an SSD, a 2.5" hard drive, an A4-3400 APU, and 4GB ram. The cpu is really weak, but the whole system is definitely an upgrade to the netbook that it replaced.
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suraswami said:
dust magnet?
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