Wednesday, November 14th 2012

CoolIT Systems and TYAN Showcase Liquid Cooled 1U Server Platforms

CoolIT Systems Inc., a leading supplier of breakthrough thermal management solutions for supercomputing and Tyan announce a partnership for liquid cooled high performance computing server motherboards. As a part of the Demand Liquid Alliance, this joint solution will be showcased in CoolIT System's booth at SC12 in Salt Lake City (Booth #4629).

Among the biggest barriers to reaching Exascale computing are power, cooling and floor space. Using CoolIT System's Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC), Tyan's S7040 motherboard solutions can be engineered to overcome these hurdles allowing scientists and engineers the ability to solve the most complex equations faster than ever before. CoolIT's rack DCLC quietly and efficiently removes heat directly from the processor allowing ultra-dense clusters.

"CoolIT is a known leader in liquid cooling," said Albert Mu, Vice President of MiTAC International Corporation's TYAN Business Unit. "By collaborating with CoolIT, our customers can reach the highest performance-per-watt solutions."

The result of the synergistic combination of CoolIT and Tyan is a line of customized, scalable products available now.

"We're excited TYAN's solutions will be in our booth at SC'12," said Geoff Lyon, CEO and CTO, CoolIT Systems. "CoolIT is proud that system integrators can now confidently choose liquid cooling to maximize Tyan server performance without any unnecessary complexity".
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2 Comments on CoolIT Systems and TYAN Showcase Liquid Cooled 1U Server Platforms

~Technological Technocrat~
LOL ASETEK goes into the server platform and now COOLIT are following suite. COOLIT better watch where they step or they are gonna get slapped in the face by another patent lawsuit again.
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I've always liked the early COOlIT AIO coolers better. I still find the mounting mechanism of Asetek, not just horrible, it's plain horrendous. I almost can't believe how cool the new Corsair AIO coolers are. I am so glad they ditched this circle-stuff. Wayyyyy beter with the mounting bracket.
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