Wednesday, November 21st 2012

Did ECS Just Blurt Out Names of 8-Series Motherboards?

ECS has less than stable RSS and media channels (to our advantage). It may have accidentally blurted out model names of at least three upcoming Intel 8-series chipset based motherboards, for socket LGA1150 Core "Haswell" processors. Among the three are Z87H3-AX Extreme, Z87H3-AX Golden, and H87H3-M4. The two Z87H3-AX motherboards, going by the company's current 7-series chipset motherboard lineup, appear to be identical, with the Z87H3-AX Golden pimping out with gold-colored components and heatsinks. The boards will likely max out the feature-set of Intel's "Lynx Point" chipset family. The Z87 PCH succeeds the current Z77, in supporting overclocking, in addition to all features of the platform, including Small Business Advantage. The H87H3-M4 sounds like the name typically given by ECS to a micro-ATX motherboard based on the H87 chipset. H87 supports nearly every feature the Z87 does, except CPU overclocking.
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TheMailMan78 said:
You are 100% right people can build a computer but don't know how to read. I bet Bta, Chirs or I could post anything in the body of an article and people would just read the title and click on the picture like mentally challenged lemmings.
This would make for an excellent experiment.

BTA? :laugh:
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