Monday, November 26th 2012

NVIDIA Posts Open Source 2D Driver Code

After launching its high-performance display driver for Linux that boosts GeForce graphics performance by 100%, NVIDIA released an open-source 2D driver code for its Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 SoCs, which is based on the experimental Direct Rendering Manager driver (DRM, not as in digital rights management). DRM was started as an independent project by Thierry Reding, but is now being worked on by NVIDIA, among others.

The open-source DRM driver code published by Terje Bergstrom today provide host1x and 2D on Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 SoCs, and was published by Terje Bergstrom. He writes "nvhost is the driver that controls host1x hardware. It supports host1x command channels, synchronization, run-time power management and memory management. It is sectioned into logical driver under drivers/video/tegra/host and physical driver under drivers/video/tegra/host/host1x. The physical driver is compiled with the hardware headers of the particular host1x version."

Source: Phoronix
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5 Comments on NVIDIA Posts Open Source 2D Driver Code

But what is the use? Does it help with making Android faster?
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Doing mod firmwares and custom room ms :-()
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It means that linux (specifically Debian) can support (at least 2D) nVidia drivers properly.
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Ferrum Master
Linus Finger Helped... although no use again, it won't include Ventana board, just Harmony for Tegra 2. So pretty useless now as everything is EOL...
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May help introduce hardware acceleration into some custom roms, for instance the Motorola phones with Tegra 2 chips that Motorola decided not to update to ICS or Jelly Bean.
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blanarahul said:
But what is the use? Does it help with making Android faster?
It makes the F/OSS purists like Stallman happy.
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