Thursday, November 29th 2012

Symantec Announces Norton Zone

Today Symantec announced Norton Zone for consumers, a new secure file sharing service that allows users to safely access, sync and share photos, videos and documents from any of their PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. A free, limited public beta can be accessed at on a first-come, first-served basis. The full-featured version of Norton Zone is slated to be released in the U.S. in 2013.

Norton Zone combines convenient, easy access with world-class security and safety. Key features in the current beta include:

Always have the latest files on-hand. As soon as a file or folder is added or changed in Norton Zone, all users granted access will automatically see that change on all of their devices, so everyone always has the most up-to-date version at hand. The free beta version of Norton Zone also keeps track of all versions of the same file for a span of 90 days.
Easily and securely share files and folders. Individuals can share photos, videos and other information uploaded to Norton Zone by simply emailing a link, without ever worrying about size limitations. They can also provide other Norton Zone users with shared access to files and entire folders, perfect for collaborating on a project or staying in touch with friends and family. What's more, all files are scanned for viruses and malware before being shared.
Post photos and videos to Facebook. People can easily post Norton Zone links to photos and videos on Facebook, and can quickly disable the link anytime. Users can also control how long or how many times a file can be accessed via link sharing.
Information stored in Norton Zone is automatically backed up and replicated in a secured cloud, providing additional protection for important files, even from natural disasters.
High-level, industrial-grade encryption protects all files during transfer and while stored in secure data centers.
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They have closed the sign-up for the moment, and are just harvesting your names and email addresses for later marketing efforts.

Don't sign up now and be disappointed. The beta is currently closed already.

I'll leave a second post in this thread once I get proper access to the nortonzone.
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Does anyone have anything else to say other than "LOL."

So, they make a google drive/drop box clone, and expect people to pay and trust their data to a company that can't even remove simple viruses or malware?

There's not a laugh track long enough for how miserable this company is.

That said, I'm sure it won't stop the idiots from signing up when they renew their worthless AV subscription.
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Cristian_25H said:
backed up and replicated in a secured cloud, providing additional protection for important files, even from natural disasters.
Hmm, does this include planet-killing events like supervolcanoes, massive meteorites, supertsunamis and the likes?

I'm not buying into this unless I know my pictures of cats are preserved for eternity.
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It's going to be a long wait. Until the snow melts in the Zone.

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How is this different from Dropbox?
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