Wednesday, December 19th 2012

InnoDisk prolongs SSD Lifespans with New Technologies

InnoDisk, a global leader in Industrial Flash and DRAM Storage Solutions, announces two whitepapers that present our solutions for Wear Leveling & Read Disturbance, Garbage Collection & TRIM for solid state drives (SSD's). InnoDisk is a service-driven organization, and is proud to provide useful, technical documentation to our customers and colleagues.

InnoDisk's wear leveling architecture and technology delivers an innovative method of spreading write/erase operations on an SSD evenly across blocks. By using system buffer blocks along with sophisticated block swapping and a configurable wear leveling performance frequency setting, SSDs using this technology can prolong their lifespan and prevent read disturbance.

While SSD storage solutions offer substantial value added benefits over traditional HDD data storage, data integrity remains a constant challenge for engineers and industry experts. InnoDisk's handling of garbage collection with the TRIM command improves the write performance of SSDs. Garbage collection with TRIM eliminates the need for whole block data erasing prior to every write operation, and helps prevent performance degradations and increase SSD lifespans.

All SSDs that are designed and manufactured by InnoDisk support Wear Leveling architecture, Read Disturbance technology, and Garbage Collection. The following series – SATA25000, SATA Slim J200, InnoRobust II, Evergreen – incorporate Garbage Collection with TRIM.

To download the Wear Leveling & Read Disturbance Whitepaper, please visit this page.
To download Garbage Collection with TRIM Whitepaper, please visit this page.
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