Friday, December 21st 2012

Thermaltake Announces Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake, being the industry pioneer brand with expertise in PC power and thermal solutions, continues to drive toward the corporate mission of "delivering the perfect user experience" as the optimized mission. The windowed version of Thermaltake Level 10 GTS and Level 10 GTS snow Edition, born as a member of collaborations between Thermaltake and BMW's DesignWorks, shrink the size but not the fine characters.

The Thermaltake Level 10 GTS series mid-tower chassis, inheriting the unique shape of Level 10 and Level 10 GT with 4 EasySwap PitStop HDD bays, equipped USB 3.0 front ports, advanced cable management, tool-free drive locking devices and HDD security lock system. It also contains a large transparent side window for displaying enthusiasts and gamers grand internal components. By the 20cm front Blue LED Fan, 12cm rear fan and two optional fans in both top and the bottom; the Level 10 GTS series presents the superior power of ventilation. This mid-tower chassis provides sufficient space for graphics cards up to 315mmin length, CPU coolers up to 175mm tall, as well as fitment optimizations for CPU liquid coolers such as the WATER2.0 units. Level 10 GTS makes it possible to take advantage of excellent airflow and liquid coolers to vastly reduce temperatures of system components.
A little feature leads to greater convenience
The headset holder located on the left side, 3cm cable management spaces in the right side of the case and the rubber grommets designed for improved cable management; these features lead an efficient way for gamers to tidy up both the inside and outside of the chassis.

Level 10 GTS – Born to be free
The beloved concept of the HotSwap function of the Level 10 GTS is now upgraded by integrating QuickLink and FaceCloud. The QuickLink Box and QuickLink adapter allow users to store the hot drive by simply removing the HDD with tray from Level 10 GTS and plug it into QuickLink box, and access the data through the QuickLink adapter. FaceCloud, maximizing the usage of the exiting PC, enabling the PC as a NAS device for users to access their important data everywhere at any time. The Level 10 GTS may be the lightweight version of Level 10 and Level 10 GT, but it is without a doubt the ideal mid-tower solution the enthusiasts and gamers hunger for.

For more details on the Thermaltake Level 10 GTS information please visit the product pages of Level 10 GTS, Level 10 GTS Snow Edition.
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11 Comments on Thermaltake Announces Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower Chassis

Fishfaced Nincompoop
As always, drop the window and it would work.
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Interesting... looks like things could get a little cramped. Would love to see a review for some temps.
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its like standard layout, just add plastic shroud for hdd
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omg, i wonder how many level 10 variants they already have?
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I'll probably hate myself for saying this, but I kind of like it. Could be used as basis for some nice mods. Would probably have to see the materials in person to decide though.
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Sir B. Fannybottom
omg, i wonder how many level 10 variants they already have?
It's the Porsche 911 of the computer case world
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Max Mojo
What I will never understand, is why they don't offer PC cases with additional available wide windows for the modder and enthusiasts.
A PC case - in my view - is made for showing what you have, with a nice light show. Most components like motherboard, memory, video cards, PSU are today very nicely designed and are made to be watched and not to be hidden in a coffin.
This Midtower window is too small for my taste, so whatfor a window if there's nothing to see?
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I'm more curious to know about the pricing. The original Level 10 cases IMNSHO were grossly overpriced.
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TacoTown said:
It's the Porsche 911 of the computer case world
Porsche? The level 10 is fugly:laugh::laugh::laugh::nutkick:
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Looks like a $70 Thermaltake v4 got smashed together with a $500 level 10 case in the halogen collider.
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TPU addict
$70 screw that.. all that plastic never mind that crappy plastic on top ewwwwww.. Their is so many other cases that offer better than that..
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